Salesforce Forecasting & Reporting

Salesforce Forecasting: What It Is, and Why You Need It

With accurate forecasting in Salesforce, you’ll not only have a clearer sense of what your sales revenues will be, but also be able to spot potential issues earlier so you can take action to fix them.

Top 5 Highlights From Dreamforce 2019

With 171,000 registered attendees, 2,700 different sessions and 13 million online viewers, Dreamforce was back with a bang in 2019. Here are our the top 5 highlights from the event: 1 – Einstein Can Now Talk To You Salesforce are jumping on the voice train… Einstein, their general AI engine can now receive audio commands and respond with data pulled from the CRM: In a live demo during the opening keynote, Chief Scientist Richard Socher calls a car rental business to extend his rental over the weekend. Einstein was able to answer (as the customer support assistant for the car…

Salesforce Reporting: The Ultimate Guide

Organizations are slowly starting to see the benefits of having a comprehensive CRM system to track their sales activities and manage their customer relationships better. Salesforce – arguably the most sophisticated tool on the market right now – is packed with a range of service, sales, and marketing automation features to help you identify leads and convert them into customers, all on a unified interface. To get the hang of the tool and consequently get the most out of it, you may want to receive Salesforce reporting training from someone who has experience using it. We shall discuss the importance…

The Five Biggest Insights from the 2019 Salesforce Usage Report

With the 2019 Salesforce Usage Report now available for download, it’s worth spending a few minutes looking at the biggest insights and how they affect your business. Salesforce is a critical part of business for hundreds of thousands of companies, and its reach is only predicted to continue expanding. Here’s five of the top insights from this year’s report. 1. Salesforce is Global The 2019 Salesforce Usage Report kicks off by identifying what countries participated in the report. While 49% of the participating companies were located in North America, more than half were on the other five major continents. Throughout…

Tracking B2B Marketing ROI with Pardot and Salesforce

Tracking B2B Marketing ROI with Pardot and Salesforce

Salesforce Data Quality Series: Sales Forecasting

A sales forecast is used to predict what a team, team member, or entire business will sell during a specific timeframe (e.g., daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, etc.)

Ebsta’s Guide To Sales Engagement Score & Sales Forecasting

Oliver Squires provides a rounded overview of the levels of engagement an organisation should have, learn how you can use sales forecasting more effectively with the Ebsta Engagement Score. Providing brilliant real life examples and situations.��

6 Free Things You Can Do In Salesforce To Increase Your Data Quality

6 FREE Things You Can Do In Salesforce To Increase Your Data Quality