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Centrally Manage and Maintain Your High Risk Data to Ensure GDPR Readiness

Ebsta provides practical data management to assist you with your GDPR compliance. Companies have a number of responsibilities under GDPR and Ebsta can help you to ensure that high risk data is centrally managed, understood, maintained, minimised and serviced as it needs to be.

Ebsta can give you peace of mind that your end users only have access to the high risk data that they have the rights to use.

Control Your High Risk Data Sources

Company email systems contain a huge amount of personally identifiable information that is not centrally managed in your CRM system. If it is not managed it cannot be controlled.

End users pose one of the largest data protection breach risks within a business. Leaving personally identifiable information available to them that you are not aware of puts your business at risk.

Ebsta mines company email providing you a true view of all the individuals the business has interacted with and allows all data to be centrally managed in your CRM.

Understand Your Data and When You Should No Longer Have it

Once you have all your high risk data under management it is imperative to understand what that data is and the rights you have over it.

Ebsta provides data grouping tools that allow you to cohort all your data and set both time and engagement alarms to alert you as to when that data should be minimised.

Maintain Data Integrity

Not only does Ebsta enable you to centrally manage all your high risk data, it highlights missing and out of date records. Now you can keep all your records up to date, a regulatory responsibility, which has the knock on effects of improving your business intelligence and ensuring that all users, team’s ancillary systems are taking advantage of the most up to date information.

This not only helps with your day to day efficiencies but assists in making your opt-in initiatives as effective as they can be.

Simplify the Access Request Process

Whether a data subject wants access to the data you hold or request to be forgotten Ebsta prides simple tools to allow you to find the information, understand where it exists, deliver in a portable format and delete from those high risk systems.

Security and Privacy

Ebsta takes security and privacy very seriously. Being a UK Ltd company we are governed by UK and EU data protection laws. Please see our security pages for more information.


To find out more about how Ebsta can help your organisation on the road to Salesforce GDPR compliance, please get in touch.