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Salesforce in your inbox

The power of Salesforce in your Inbox

Ebsta is used by thousands of marketing, sales and customer success reps for seamless Salesforce integration with Gmail, Outlook and Office 365.

Our Inbox extensions allows you to view, edit and update Salesforce on the fly. It also automatically cross-references Salesforce to show you related customer records as you browse through your Inbox.

Ebsta works directly out-of-the-box, supporting field and object-level security and any of your custom objects.

Email capture

Capture emails in Salesforce

Emails from the inbox can be attached to the relevant lead/contact with a single click. Emails can also be attached to any standard or custom object through the advanced attachment window which automatically suggests matching accounts, opportunities and provides full Salesforce search.

Ebsta also provides full automation for 100% email capture

Email tracking

Email tracking and real-time notifications

Ebsta gives you insight in to what happens after you send an email, so you can see whether the recipient ever opened the email or clicked on any links.

Real-time notifications allow you to prioritize your follow-ups with the most engaged recipients and monitor the performance of subject lines and templates, ensuring you send the right content at the right time.

Sales cadences

Engage more customers with personalized workflows

Automatically trigger personalized emails and tasks to nurture relationships with customers and ensure you never miss a follow-up.

Leverage Ebsta’s reporting on open rates, click rates and reply rates to measure the performance of your workflows and make changes to improve their success.

Meeting scheduling

Effortlessly schedule meetings

Ebsta helps save the traditional back-and-forth when scheduling a meeting.

By syncing directly with your calendar, Ebsta is able to show recipients your real-time availability, so they’re able to easily select a time that works for both of you.

Send later

Send emails later

Working late or sending an email to someone in a different time zone? Ebsta lets you choose the best time to send an email.

Email templates

Salesforce Templates in your inbox

No more copying and pasting information. Get access to your Salesforce Templates and automatically merge fields directly in Gmail.

Keep an eye on the performance of your Salesforce Templates too by monitoring open rates, click rates and reply rates with Ebsta.

Ebsta everywhere

Power of Salesforce anywhere

Ebsta is integrated with over 100 websites including LinkedIn, so you can view, edit and update Salesforce customer records from wherever you work.

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