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Keep All Your Meetings in Sync

Seamlessly keep your calendars in sync, regardless of whether you are working in Gmail or Salesforce. Ebsta’s Salesforce Calendar Sync supports multiple calendars, time zones, meeting updates, recurring events and deleted events out of the box.


Quickly Add Emails to Any Salesforce Record

Ebsta allows you to save emails to multiple Salesforce Objects/records in one swift movement. Quickly save emails and attachments to Salesforce regardless of whether you’re sending them or reading them.


Track Email Opens and Clicks

Ebsta’s Email Tracking allows you to see what happens to your messages after you press send. By clicking a single button in your Gmail compose window, you can see if your email was read, ignored, or buried deep in a full inbox and never opened. All link clicks are automatically tracked too.

Schedule Meetings With No Effort

Eliminate time wasted trying to tie down a meeting slot by inserting your availability directly into an email. Send your target meeting options that are always up-to-date (even if your email isn’t read for a couple of days) and watch calendar events be automatically created when a time is selected.

Also benefit from a fully branded personalised booking page that you use on your email signature and social profiles.

Learn more about Ebsta’s Meeting Scheduling Software.


NEW: Automate Your Email Campaigns

Whether you want to send a series of emails to introduce new customers to your business or automatically follow up with Sales prospects, Ebsta helps you stay on top of busywork while delivering a personalised experience for your customers.

Not limited to sending a series of emails, you can set follow-up tasks in Salesforce, define customer journeys based on behaviour, and analyse what email templates and content are most successful. With Ebsta’s Automated Email Campaigns, you get enterprise-level Sales automation without enterprise-level pricing.

Send Later

Ebsta lets you quickly and easily schedule emails to send later within Gmail. Simply click the Schedule icon in the Compose Email window to pick the date and time of your choosing, and select ‘Gmail Send Later’ to schedule the email to send in the future.


Update Salesforce On The Fly

See key customer or lead information alongside emails in Gmail or LinkedIn profiles and make updates in a click. Gain full access to search, update Salesforce in any website and Chatter to your team whilst you work.

Find out more about Ebsta’s Salesforce Chrome Extension.


Eliminate Data Entry

Ebsta’s automated Salesforce Activity Logging gives you and your team access to every email and meeting inside Salesforce, no matter what.

Gleefully sit back and enjoy seeing every customer interaction against every Account and Opportunity and never get frustrated by missing activities again (it works with all other Salesforce objects too).

Ebsta doesn’t pollute Salesforce with unresolved items or use up Salesforce data storage limits.

Mine Emails To Discover Missing Contacts and Leads

Around 50% of the contacts your team work with do not get added to Salesforce. In addition, Out of Office and automatic replies contain valuable information to fuel your Sales and marketing database.

Ebsta’s Contact and Lead Discovery mines email replies to ensure missing Contacts and high quality Leads are available in Salesforce. Gain access to the most up-to-date contact information, segment with the most accurate job titles and consistently generate high quality new leads to add to your automated email campaigns.


Engagement Scoring, with No Reliance on Data Entry

Analysing data from emails, meetings, phone calls and Salesforce, Ebsta provides you with a real-time engagement score against every Prospect, Opportunity and Customer.

Known as the Ebsta Score™, the data point can help you analyse business unit performance, identify deals at risk, improve customer retention and track team performance levels – all based on your team’s engagement level with customers and Prospects.

Learn more about Customer Engagement Scoring.

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