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Keep Salesforce fully up to date

No More Data Entry

We all know that users do not effectively update Salesforce. Our research has found that  on average 90% of business emails are not recorded in Salesforce, 80% of business contacts are locked away in users’ mailboxes, and over 70% of the contact records that have made it into Salesforce are either incomplete or out of date.

Ebsta delivers a solution that plugs into any email system (Gmail, Exchange, O365, Lotus, Apple mail, etc), extracts all business emails, mines email signatures to capture all the latest information on existing contacts and leads and exposes all your missing records without requiring any action from your users regardless of which devices they are using.

Improve adoption and usage

According to Forrester Research, a refusal to adopt CRM, causes up to 70 percent of CRM implementations to fail. With Ebsta, Accounts, Contacts, Leads and Opportunities in Salesforce has every email and business contact held against it automatically including links to the Social Profiles, the latest contact information is displayed and the Opportunities and Customer accounts that are highlighted for priority focus.


Access Better Information

Ebsta gives you a new level of insight against every contact, opportunity or account you view in Salesforce. Knowing someone is out of the office, has changed jobs or has left the company allows you to quickly take action. Seeing the activity levels and last email interaction dates you or your team have had with customers or opportunities will also help you better plan your time.

Compliance, Data Governance and GDPR

The first step in any data compliance program is understanding where your data is. If data is not centrally managed it cannot be controlled and therefore poses a breach risk. Ebsta extracts all contact data from mailboxes and puts under central management for full control. Regarding the GDPR it is imperative that users only have access to the data they are allowed to use and Ebsta provides this control limiting the risk of your users causing a data protection breach. Ebsta also delivers a suite of cohorting mechanisms, automated minimisation alarms and tools to enable the servicing of subject access requests. See our GDPR pages for more information.

Help your Managers to be More Effective

With up to date information and a true view of activity without having to rely on users to log information managers can now get effective reporting. Whether that’s monitoring user activity through Salesforce Dashboards or identifying Accounts and Opportunities at risk via Ebsta relationship scoring managers can now make proactive decisions to help this months numbers.


Say Goodbye to Data Loss

Often when employees leave your business the contacts that just sit in their mailboxes leave with them. Ebsta ensures that these contacts are not lost and the last communications are visible to the team in Salesforce for continued business continuity. Ebsta doesn’t just require the mailboxes it searches to be associated with Salesforce users. Marketing team not using Salesforce, just connect their mailboxes to Ebsta and share their contacts communications with other teams.

Full Privacy and Control

Ebsta provides set of controls that give you complete control over privacy. Which emails and contacts are processed and who get visibility is fully controllable at administrator level and end users can be provided with extra controls if required. 

Tried and Tested

Ebsta benefits the whole company and in speaking to clients this is what we have found.

  • Salesforce Admins love it because they finally have confidence that Salesforce contact and account records are being maintained over time.
  • Sales people love no longer needing to manually add emails or contacts to Salesforce.
  • Sales managers love it because they can report in confidence on activity levels on live opportunities.
  • Marketers love it because they know every relevant contact in the business is in Salesforce, with the latest available contact details.
  • C Level Executives love it because Salesforce usage has increased, leading to the ROI they signed up for when they originally decided to move to Salesforce.


If you want to ensure a successful CRM implementation and keep accurate data in Salesforce please get in touch now.


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