Deeper Relationships With Meaningful Insights

Engage with the individuals behind every business decision in every industry.

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Add revenue across the entire customer lifecycle

Identify the insights you need from Salesforce and leverage a suite of flexible sales tools to engage with customers across their entire lifecycle.

Pool every interaction gathered from marketing, customer success and sales to collectively meet your customers at their point of need.

  • Turn the information in Salesforce into insights
  • Increase lead conversions
  • Increase opportunity conversions
  • Increase customer retention
  • Drive revenue
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Remove data silos and accelerate research

Equip your teams with a suite of tools and analytics to join every piece of information they encounter and access it when it’s most useful.

Enhance their ability to understand the customer, uncover deeper insights and collaborate across departments.

  • Increased productivity
  • Leverage the right touch points to progress a sale
  • Eliminate duplicate records
  • Surface the insights you need from Salesforce

Every action is made stronger with better data

Salesforce is only as powerful as the information that sits within it.

Almost two-thirds of the contacts your organization engages with stay hidden in users’ mailboxes and never make their way into Salesforce. With 30% of the data decaying annually, it’s critical to have a guaranteed strategy towards data accuracy that removes the burden from end users.

Ebsta intuitively identifies the missing, outdated and inaccurate contacts, leads and information and then automatically enriches Salesforce with an accurate representation.

It creates a window between your mailboxes and Salesforce so that every communication and business relationship enters your CRM. Imagine it as a means of creating your own internal LinkedIn.

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Focus on people and automate data entry

Industry leading tools that automate data capture and free recruiters with more time to double-down on the human side of recruitment.

Salesforce and Bullhorn are only as powerful as the information they house. Ebsta automates data capture and turns information into insight for recruiters to leverage.

Harness a suite of flexible sales enablement tools to take the power of your CRM to where you actively engage with clients and prospective candidates.

  • Increase the accuracy of records and reporting
  • Automate 90% of data entry
  • Deeper relationships with clients

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