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Product Highlights

Ebsta’s Gmail, Outlook and LinkedIn Integrations work out of the box for Talent Rover customers. The custom Ebsta for Talent Rover integration also allows users to combine functionality of both products in some areas.

Easily Update and Access Account Activity

Get access to every client detail, every email, and every meeting within the Talent Rover platform with Ebsta’s Salesforce Activity Logging. View all customer and candidate interactions against each Account, Opportunity, and Shortlist all while keeping your data free of unresolved items. Ebsta works with all Talent Rover objects and won’t impact your data storage limits.


Simplify Calendar Syncing & Scheduling

Whether you prefer to work in Outlook, Gmail, or Office365, Ebsta syncs all calendars for you within Talent Rover. Multiple calendars, time zones, meeting updates, recurring events, and deleted events are supported out of the box.

Uncover Missing Contacts, Leads and Candidates

Around 50% of the contacts your team work with do not get added to Talent Rover. In addition, Out of Office and automatic replies contain valuable information to fuel your Sales and marketing database.

The more contacts, lead, and candidates you add to Talent Rover, the more powerful it becomes. Ebsta’s Contact and Lead Discovery mines out-of-office and other automatic email replies to ensure every important contact is captured.

Integrate Talent Rover with Powerful Partners and Tools

Ebsta + Talent Rover is integrated with best-in-class staffing and recruiting partners including LinkedIn, Xing, Twitter, Monster, CareerBuilder, CV Library, ZipRecruiter, TalentBin and more. Whether you’re hunting for leads or searching for candidates Ebsta notifies you of existing records in real-time and makes it easy to create new records on the fly.


‟Being able to use Ebsta with Talent Rover really helps us to do our job efficiently, do the job right and stay better connected to candidates and customers.”

Radley Meyers, VP of Sales and Recruiting at Betts Recruiting

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Ebsta for Talent Rover

Get in touch and we’ll run a free consultative session on how Ebsta’s custom Talent Rover integration works and importantly, how it will help you increase placements.