Why Ebsta?

Relationships Drive Revenue

Today, you need to keep your customers engaged to grow your business.

But all too often the customer experience is compromised by missing, incomplete or outdated information in Salesforce.

It’s access to the right information, at the right time, that allows you to consistently engage with the right customers successfully.

Without it, relationships go cold and the opportunity to grow revenue with it.

Ebsta empowers businesses to develop deeper and more meaningful relationships to drive revenue across the entire customer lifecycle.

It automatically identifies everyone your business has ever interacted with and seamlessly enriches Salesforce with a 360° view of their engagement history.

That includes up-to-date contact information, insights into their relationships and details of every action taken with a customer.

Ebsta then analyses and scores each interaction to prioritize the relationships and activity that will drive the revenue.

Sales and success teams can turn their customer information into insights and use a suite of sales enablement tools to deliver the power of Salesforce to where they actively engage with customers.

With Ebsta you can bring every engagement into Salesforce and turn it into meaningful relationships to accelerate your revenue.

The stakes have never been so high…

New customer expectations and technology have changed the way we sell.

It’s cheaper, faster and easier than ever to replicate the features, functionality and services that businesses used to compete over.

Customers now have hundreds – if not thousands – of options to choose from and are only ever a few clicks and a bad experience away from the competition.

Your ongoing relationship, from the first interaction forward, is what will differentiate you from the competition.

Every email, every invite and every call matters. Make them stronger with the right insights and direction.

Unlock your business’ network

How much of the data that shapes your customer interactions is outdated, incomplete, incorrect or simply absent from Salesforce?

Ebsta integrates with your emails, calendars and telephony systems to identify everyone your business has ever interacted with and automatically enriches Salesforce.

It removes the concerns of data quality entirely and ever having to manually update contact records in Salesforce again.

Your reps have more time and direction to dedicate to developing meaningful relationships in a highly personalized way.

  • Build an instant network of everyone your company has ever engaged with.
  • Collectively identify who in your company has the strongest relationship with a customer, why that is and when they last interacted.
  • Surface a 360° view of your customer, with the most up-to-date and relevant information.
  • Dramatically accelerate the ROI of every third-party system that depends on accurate information in Salesforce.

Engage with customers at scale

Do your reps have the right tools and customer insights to effectively build and manage closer relationships?

Ebsta surfaces all the contextual information you have with customers wherever you work – whether that’s in Salesforce, your inbox, on social media or across the web.

It then equips your reps with a suite of high-velocity sales tools to nurture those relationships in the places you actually engage with customers.

Think of Ebsta as a bridge between Salesforce, your customer insights and where you spend your time selling.

  • Build personalized cadences and monitor their performance.
  • Review who’s opening, clicking and converting in real-time.
  • Automate your calendar management.

Salesforce becomes a goldmine of insights that reps can leverage wherever they work with the tools to supercharge their productivity.

Optimize relationships and performance

Take a wealth of customer data and convert it into meaningful opportunities to grow revenue.

Ebsta uniquely analyses every interaction you have with a customer and scores the level of engagements and strength of their relationship in Salesforce.

Every email opened, link clicked, reply given, call made and meeting taken.

By measuring the effect of every engagement you can answer the key questions of your business and optimise how your reps drive revenue upward.

  • Which leads should you prioritise?
  • Which opportunities are you most likely to close this month?
  • Which relationships in Salesforce are being neglected?
  • What is the activity that drives the revenue?
  • How are reps performing?
  • Are their customers and revenue at risk?

Ebsta creates a single-conversation-point to allow you to report with accuracy and look ahead with clarity.

It identifies which activity is working, how your reps are performing and which relationships are creating revenue.

We’re proud to be an official Salesforce Partner that empowers sales, marketing and success to collectively deliver a better customer experience for thousands of businesses globally.

Because relationships drive revenue.

See for yourself with a free demo of how Ebsta works today: