Discover how the world of revenue operations has evolved

Taken from in-depth conversations with 100 guests that joined us on the Sales Ops Demystified podcast.

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What you will learn

Definition of sales and revenue operations
Breaking down the metrics that matter
22 irrefutable truths of revenue ops
Mapping the tech behind the operation
sales & revenue operations handbook cover

Build on your sales and revenue ops knowledge

We deconstruct the tech stack, metrics, and operational strategies behind successful revenue operations.

Eighteen months ago we set out on a mission at Ebsta...

To discover more about the world of sales and revenue operations from those at the coalface defining it.

Along this journey, we’ve seen how sales operations has evolved, witnessed the growth of revenue operations, and spoken to the pioneers charting this new territory.

This guide is the culmination of those conversations and almost a millennia of experience. It deep-dives into the why, what, how, and the “where next” of sales and revenue operations.

Guy Rubin
CEO, Ebsta


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