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Unlock your company network

Ebsta will uncover contacts across your whole company and analyse the strength of your relationships to unlock the perfect introduction.

Collaborate as a team and get total visibility into all information your company has about your customer just as you need it.

Create personalized customer workflows

Design multi-channel and dynamic workflows that are tailored to your customers to achieve successful engagement.

Automatically trigger personalised emails and tasks to nurture relationships with customers and ensure you never miss a follow-up.

Track engagement in real-time

Prioritise your activities with real-time notifications as customer’s open your emails and click links.

Real-time notifications allow you to prioritise your follow-ups with the most engaged recipients and monitor the performance of subject lines and templates, ensuring you send the right content at the right time.

Analyze & optimize performance

Easily monitor your team’s performance and boost sales pipeline and customer management with Ebsta Score’s risk analysis.

Ebsta’s reporting dashboard also provides visibility into your team’s activity levels and the performance of their workflows, including open rates, click rates and reply rates.


Supercharge your Inbox

Drive customer engagement directly from Gmail with Ebsta’s Inbox integration – Salesforce integration, email sync, calendar sync, contact sync, email tracking, meeting scheduler and more.

Seamlessly integrate with your favorite tools

Ebsta integrates with your CRM, email platforms, calendars and telephony providers to bring all your customer information and activity together.

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Ready to drive customer engagement?