Predictable sales growth with revenue intelligence

With Ebsta’s Revenue Intelligence Platform, sales teams have the insights they need to improve forecasting accuracy, identify pipeline at risk, enhance relationships, increase sales performance and automate CRM tasks.

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Trusted globally by the world’s leading & fastest growing companies

Revenue Intelligence Made Easy

With our simple to use system you will have the power at your fingertips to make sales decisions simpler, faster and more effectively.


"Ebsta has helped us improve our sales forecasting and pipeline management by giving us real-time visibility into what's really going on. By monitoring engagement, we're now able to focus on closing deals faster and working on the very best opportunities."

Ted Elliot | CEO - Copado


Increase in revenue


Opportunities identified 'at risk'


Increase in win rate

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Revolutionize your forecasting by accurately predicting your sales revenue.

Ebsta gathers real-time pipeline trends, sales engagement and historical performance to help sales leaders confidently predict their forecast and optimize their pipeline faster.

It’s time to say “goodbye” to gut-feeling forecasts and out-of-date reports.”

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Pipeline - Understand V2
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Quickly spot the opportunities that have low engagement and need attention.

With accurate activity and trend insights, Ebsta gives you real-time insight into your pipeline, so you can quickly identify opportunities that have stalled or are struggling with low engagement and why. By taking a deep-dive into the relationships and previous communications you can direct your team to take the right action to progress deals and reduce churn.

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Analyze your relationships and find the best way to influence a sale.

Ebsta connects your entire sales team into one internal network, opening opportunities for your reps to build better relationships and connect with the right decision-makers to drive deals forward. By understanding how each of your reps are connected to prospects enables your team to work together to close deals and hit quota.

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Sales Performance-2021
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Sales Performance

Measure the performance of every deal, and channel the insights to improve your team

Ebsta uses trends over time to track individual team member’s performance levels, giving you data-driven insights to help coach your sales team to become the best! With Ebsta’s insights, you know your sales team’s activity levels and performance enabling you to quickly identify to find ways to improve productivity and effectiveness.

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CRM Automation

Automatically capture every relationship and sales activity.

Never worry about data-entry again! Ebsta eliminates data-entry with automatic activity tracking and contact capture, putting your sales team on the path to be the most productive sales team ever!

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