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Ebsta + Hubspot

Integrate Ebsta with HubSpot to drive predictable revenue growth.

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Simple 30-second connection and set-up

Our native integrations make it quick and easy to connect your sales CRM so you can start getting insight right away.

All your data front and center

Complete overview of all your sales data so you have a complete understanding of the status of your sales pipeline.

Advanced security to keep your data safe

Protect your sales data with our enterprise-grade security, governance and compliance systems.

Revolutionize your HubSpot sales forecasting by accurately predicting your sales revenue

Ebsta uses your HubSpot data to provide you with a clear understanding of your pipeline health. By analyzing hundreds of data points and tracking real-time and historical performance, Ebsta allows you to accurately predict deals that will successfully close and when, meaning you can forecast with confidence.

Forecasting - Tracking
Pipeline - Understand V2

Spot HubSpot opportunities at risk with real-time analysis and health scoring

Ebsta tracks real-time changes in your pipeline so you know what opportunities are on track and which are not, so you know what opportunities are at risk and why. By tracking where your pipeline is likely to close, Ebsta gives you actionable insights into how to improve sales performance and increase close rates.

Use Relationship Intelligence to build better customer relationships and close more deals in HubSpot

Improve Account-Based Sales efforts by tracking your HubSpot contact information and rep relationships to build an “internal LinkedIn” and score all your engagement across prospective accounts. Giving you the awareness to leverage how engaged a customer is with a rep and how strong that relationship is to drive better engagement.

Sales Performance-2021
Forecasting - Insights

Help your HubSpot sales team close more deals with data-driven insights

Ebsta tracks your KPIs in real-time as well as benchmarking historical performance to instant insights on how to optimize your sales process. Providing actionable insights to make better informed decisions to close deals faster and lessons that can be used to help coach your sales team to improve their productivity levels.

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