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How Cappy increased adoption of MEDDPICC in HubSpot


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Cappy partners with employers to offer flexible pay where employees get a simple overview of hours worked with earned pay and planned work with preliminary pay, together with the possibility to access their earned pay when they need them.


The Problem


Before Ebsta, Cappy was in the process of setting up HubSpot Sales Hub and their sales process to prepare for their organization to scale.

They had already onboarded a few salespeople and needed to build a system ready for a business preparing to scale.

They also used MEDDPICC to qualify deals, but this happened inconsistently outside of HubSpot.

This system needed to be set up so they could: prioritize spending their time selling instead of admin, identify risk in the pipeline and highlight opportunities for sales leaders to coach their reps and keep deals on track.


The Hypothesis


Integrating HubSpot with Ebsta’s Revenue Intelligence platform would enable Cappy to not only solve their immediate challenges but also future-proof them.

Cappy needed visibility of their pipeline and how it was changing – and they needed it in a single location. By connecting HubSpot and Ebsta together, in a short time, they would be able to see how their pipeline is changing, which deals were at risk, and qualify their deals (and review the criteria), all in a single location.

“We are mapping stakeholders, obstacles, champions and so on in the process. MEDDPICC is the guiding star for how we drive the deal and understand the process from the customer. We want to ensure we have considered the full process and who needs to be involved from the customer side to ensure we don’t have deals that are stalling, and we don’t know why,” said Marcus Enqvist, Head of Sales at Cappy.

Through the integration, Cappy would also be able to turn their data inside HubSpot into insights of how to close more deals. By analyzing their historical performance, their reps would receive insights and alerts when deals are stalling, stakeholders are missing or deals are trending negatively.

This would give their sales leaders access to two important insights. First, they would be able to see how they are progressing towards quota and where the risk lies in the pipeline. Second, they would be able to review deals against their qualifying criteria – enabling them to anticipate potential challenges in their current pipeline.


The Solution


1. Qualify deals with MEDDPICC in HubSpot


After connecting Ebsta’s app with HubSpot, Cappy can now qualify deals using MEDDPICC and sync it seamlessly with the specific deal.

This reduced friction for reps to qualify deals as they entered their pipelines and made these details available for managers and leaders to check these criteria when conducting pipeline reviews.


No more spreadsheets. No more moving data from one piece of software to another. Instantly they can cut the number of admin hours spent when qualifying deals.


2. See how pipeline is progressing and ensure they have enough coverage


When Cappy’s sales leaders now review their pipeline, they have access to reporting on how their pipeline is trending, why their forecast is changing, and whether they have enough pipeline coverage to ensure they make quota.

This provides leadership with complete visibility of how their pipeline is progressing. They can spot when deals are stalling, or are at risk. They can deep dive into a specific deals to identify why. But also, they can now make decisions based on the evidence inside of HubSpot.


3. Create consistency with the sales process


As Cappy’s sales process has become established – Ebsta has played an important role in facilitating pipeline reviews, forecast calls and in multi-threading deals.

For pipeline reviews, their teams now have access to the wider details of deals in their pipeline. For forecast calls, they can now call their forecast with confidence using predictive analytics on how likely a deal is to close. Lastly, they can also measure the strength of their relationships with the champions and economic buyers identified through MEDDPICC.

“All our quota-carrying reps and I are using Ebsta. Every week in our sales meeting, we check our OKRs, forecast and progress towards quota. We run a regular meeting called ‘Deal Team’ using Ebsta and review open deals, look through MEDDPICC and identify opportunities to improve and the areas where we can best help coach our reps” said Marcus.


4. Turning HubSpot data into actionable insights


Both the Ebsta Relationship Score and Deal Score both provide AI-driven insights to make better decisions through their sales process.

With the Relationship Score, in a glance, Cappy can spot when a relationship with a company, customer or contact is trending downwards. This could be a lack of activity or lack of engagement.

With the Deal Score, Cappy can see which deals are truly likely to close by the end of the quarter. This factors in a number of metrics from HubSpot, including changes to close dates, the strength of the relationship, the stage pipeline and more.



The Impact


In a short period of time, Cappy have been able to reduce time spent filling out and adoption of MEDDPICC by their reps. Not only are they spending less admin time on filling out the criteria, it has increased their usage use of it.

Integrating Ebsta’s Revenue Intelligence Platform has enabled Cappy to integrate their sales methodology together with their sales process. For example, when they identify the champion or economic buyer at a target company, they also have the visibility to ensure they are targeting those individuals at the right time through the sales process.


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