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Revolutionize your forecasting by accurately predicting your sales revenue

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Accurately predict deals that will successfully close

Ebsta provides revenue leaders with a clear understanding of their pipeline health, by analyzing hundreds of data points as well as historical performance. Allowing them quickly identifying what’s changed and what’s at risk to confidently predict their forecast and ensure they beat quota!

Forecasting - Accuracy
Forecasting - Tracking

Track how the forecast has changed

Ebsta tracks the sales pipeline in real-time to identify how the forecast is trending and show sales leadership where and why it has changed. Supported by opportunity scoring providing sales leaders with actionable insights to minimize pipeline risk and close the best deals faster.

Track pipeline against the required pace to hit quota

Be confident in where your pipeline will close. Ebsta makes it easy for sales leaders to quickly track how the pipeline is progressing to see if you’re closing enough business consistently through a quarter to hit target.

Forecasting - Pacing

Lets get started!

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Forecasting - Insights

Discover actionable insights to improve sales performance

Ebsta benchmarks historical data and analyzes your current opportunities progress, providing in-depth insights into your pipeline’s performance. Highlighting what needs attention and why to ensure you know what is needed to hit targets.

Deep-dive into individual and team forecasts

With easy-to-use reporting Ebsta gives revenue leaders quick access to their team and individual performance across forecasts and pipeline, making 1:1s data-driven and far more effective. Individual insights lets sales rep take control of their own forecast and pipeline with the insight needed to know how they are trending and what is needed to positively effect change.

Forecasting - Filters
Forecast Submissions

Submit your forecast based on insights at your fingertips

Empower your teams to more accurately forecast by using insights to guide their decisions. Using the metrics surfaced by Ebsta, teams can make data-driven forecast submissions which sync automatically with your CRM.

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