Ebsta for Sales Managers

Be a world-class sales manager who empowers their team to hit quota.

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Improve sales coaching with data-driven insights

Gain a 360° view of each customer and prospect engagement directly in Salesforce. See the full chain of emails, events, and calls your team has had, all in one place. With a single "common center", all of your sales data will be tied together in a single tabular view. Stop flip-flopping between windows, reports or spreadsheets - and get real-time, at-a-glance insights for your entire team.

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Use real-time sales intelligence to identify opportunities at risk faster

Data without insights is at best overwhelming - and at worst, meaningless. Ebsta automatically analyzes every activity, including emails, meetings and calls, to score engagement. Grasp the health of each customer to highlight who needs attention, and which customer needs to be prioritized.

Have visibility of every sales interaction and the strength of relationships

On average, organizations lose as many as 58% of their business relationships every year as the CRM isn't updated and employees leave. Make your CRM the single source of truth by capturing every contact automatically and then track if they ever leave the business.

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Help your sales team spend more time selling by automating CRM administration

Make your CRM the single source of truth by enriching it with sales activity and relationships. Automatically capture every email, meeting, contact and the latest contact information for full visibility into where sales teams are focusing their efforts, how the pipeline is being built and whether relationships are being successfully managed through the sales process.

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