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The challenge: LeanData’s sales team cannot do anything in their CRM unless it exists. They needed visibility on who their teams were engaging with, when, and why to ensure this context was available throughout the customer lifecycle.


The outcome: By implementing Ebsta into their sales process, LeanData has been able to track and measure the activity of their AEs, SDRs and customer success teams – all of which is integrated into Salesforce. In addition, they’ve also been able to use Ebsta to sync every single contact their teams engage with, allowing them to build a full picture of all contacts at an account.


“One of the things at LeanData is that we can’t do anything in Salesforce unless they exist”.


That’s the view of Don Otvos, VP of revenue operations at LeanData who is a go-to-market execution platform. They serve Salesforce customers by providing the ability to visualise lead routing data from an end-to-end visualisation, so from lead source to a closed deal to help businesses understand where leads are, what’s going on with them, what the follow-up time is and SLAs are.


“At LeanData we truly believe that revenue operations owns the customer journey from end-to-end. Everything from marketing operations to sales operations, SDR operations, partner operations, CS operations – it all falls under my umbrella. We’re making sure everything is a seamless process for the buyer so that their experience is amazing”.


Ensuring his customers have that amazing customer experience is what has brought Don to where he is today. Previously he worked as the VP of sales operations at Datahug, which helped to reduce the burden on salespeople to update their CRM.


“When I came to LeanData I wanted to buy Datahug, so having always known as Ebsta as a competitor while at Datahug, I knew they provided an equivalent experience and value proposition. So I reached out and then became a customer of Ebsta and have been blown away by the level of service I’ve had as a customer to be able to do what I used to with Datahug and more”.

12,420 missing contacts captured and synced to the CRM

12,420 missing contacts captured and synced to the CRM


Ebsta’s solution is tailormade to help improve the productivity of sales teams and to ensure they’re able to spend their time doing what they do best, rather than wrapped up inputting data into their CRM. “One of the challenges all revenue operations people face is the situation where during a sales process you have people who are interacting with prospects, they are interacting with different contacts at an account. Whether that be via e-mail or meetings – these don’t make it back into Salesforce and obviously, as a salesperson, your main driver is to close deals and get meetings – not to make sure data gets back into the CRM.”


After realising Ebsta could help fill the void left by Datahug, LeanData has now embedded Ebsta’s insights as a key component in their sales process.


How LeanData use Ebsta to automatically enhance the data in their CRM


“We run a regular capture of all the names of folks on a weekly basis that our team has interacted with that has not made it into Salesforce. We load those into Salesforce as leads and then run them through LeanData.


This takes that information and runs it through an enrichment process with our data provider. So by using the e-mail, from there we can figure out the title, what company they are from, pull that information into Salesforce, then match it to the account, route it through to the right rep and convert that lead into a contact for the account.”


Ebsta automatically captures contact data of all users that teams interact with (for example users on CC who may not directly reply). This allows teams to track engagement with all contacts, rather than just those they are directly speaking to.


“When a salesperson interacts with a prospect, there might be one or more people who would be interested in this. One person replies, but there are three to four other people on that e-mail who you may or may not know that are not logged into Salesforce.


“That is where Ebsta provides a tremendous amount of value for us because I as a RevOps person wants to make sure that every single person my sales team is talking to is in Salesforce and enriched with their title, who they are and where they fit in the buying process.


“Once those deals are closed won and they become a customer, we want our customer success team to know everyone the sales team has touched during the sales cycle and how they can service them in the proper way.”


For LeanData, Ebsta plays a key role in capturing that data, syncing it with the CRM, and helping to ensure it’s available and ready for all teams across the customer lifecycle.


This becomes critical when it’s time for customers to renew, “you want to have those people in the system and have all the activity logged against those individuals as it’s priceless information going into a renewal process.”

Contact data is captured and synced automatically to LeanData's CRM

Contact data is captured and synced automatically to LeanData’s CRM


Ebsta worked closely with the team at LeanData to bring them up to speed on how to make the most of this simple addition to their tech stack. As a result, LeanData’s sales managers are utilising the insights surfaced by Ebsta to improve the coaching of their reps, and are ensuring no stone is left unturned when it comes pipeline reviews.


“We’ve trained our SDRs and AEs to add these leads into the CRM, get them enriched and attached to the account as a contact for them to work. Managers know to look at the opportunity level, so they can see who the AEs are working with and are not in Salesforce. They can use these as callouts in their 1:1s.”


Using the Relationship Score to improve sales efficiency


LeanData has also weaved the Relationship Score into their sales process as a key metric to track how frequently their teams are keeping in touch with their prospects and customers.


“At the beginning, we underwent a lot of education to understand – what do these numbers mean? You see the score from 0-100, how does that score get determined? We wanted to understand what that score means at different levels (account, opportunity and individual), which meant we worked closely with Ebsta to outline how much of that score could be influenced by the rep.”


Throughout this process, Ebsta worked together with Don and his team to explain the Relationship Score, how it’s calculated, and what their sales teams needed to work on in order to improve the score.


“Sales managers now love looking at the Relationship Score when they are looking at opportunities which are on track to close. In their 1:1s, they will tend to rank those opportunities from low score to high score. They start with the low scores because they know those are the ones in trouble. Then when they get to the higher score ones, it becomes a question of what more do you need from me to help you close. It’s two different discussions based on that score – I know our sales managers use that in their 1:1s with their reps on a regular basis.“


The Results:

  • 12,420 contacts captured over the course of 12 months
  • 2,600 admin hours saved by not having to input contacts into the CRM
  • 4,844 key customer contacts synced over the course of 12 months


LeanData are a go-to-market execution platform. They serve Salesforce customers by providing the ability to visualise lead routing data from an end-to-end visualisation, so from a lead source to a closed deal to help businesses understand where leads are, what’s going on with them, what the follow-up time is and SLAs are.


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