How Copado Used Ebsta’s Revenue Intelligence Platform To Increase Sales By 24%


Increase in revenue


Opportunities identified ‘at risk’


Increase in win rate

Copado is a leading DevOps solution provider, making release management faster, easier and error-free. Founded in 2013, Copado has experienced record-breaking growth and now has more than 450 customers worldwide, including Coca-Cola, Shell and eBay. Copado’s sales leaders use Ebsta to track sales engagement and prioritize their pipeline with real-time insights.

With Ebsta’s Revenue Intelligence Platform, Copado has:
• Discovered 12% more relationships
• Increased their pipeline engagement by 16%.
• Helping to increase their win rate by 5%.
• Improved the average deal value by 8%.
• Increased sales velocity by 9%.

Before Ebsta, Copado’s sales leaders spent an increasing amount of time trying to review opportunities in the pipeline and guide sales reps on their process. As their pipeline increased to hundreds of opportunities, they struggled to keep on top of them all. “As we began managing more opportunities, we didn’t have visibility of what was really going on because many of the contacts and activities weren’t being logged to their CRM. As a result, conversations with our sales leaders quickly became ineffective and boring. We went with “what deals are going to close next week?” when, truth be told, they didn’t know”.

When asked why Copado started using Ebsta, Chief Executive Officer Ted Elliott said, “We were looking to drive our revenue growth by having better visibility into our pipeline and what our sales reps are working on. Knowing if our sales reps are engaging with the right opportunities is the most important sales metric to track. The Relationship Score is a “sign of life”. If there’s no engagement, there’s no deal.”

“Ebsta was quick and easy to get started.” he said. By automatically capturing activities and contacts, Ebsta saves reps having to manually update their CRM. “They love Ebsta because there’s no micro-management. We’re not chasing for information to be logged into our CRM and can instead elevate the conversation with reps. We’re now driving data-driven decisions with the Ebsta Relationship Score, focusing on the strategy behind deals rather than individual tactics.”

Image 1: Average Relationship Score 

To help the sales team prioritize the right opportunities, Ted started using the Relationship Score to understand the necessary level of engagement to successfully close a deal. “Ebsta analyzed our historical closed won and closed lost opportunities to identify that a Score of 80 or above would give us the best chance of winning a deal.


Ted Elliott

“The Relationship Score became our North Star. It changed the dynamic of how we managed the whole sales process. We focused on driving engagement.”

Ted Elliott, – CEO, Copado



With this new-found insight, Copado was able to immediately identify 61% of their pipeline was at risk due to a lack of engagement. 


Image 2: 12% Increase in Relationships / 16% Increase in High-Quality Opportunity Engagement


Ted and his team quickly started to use the Relationship Score to prioritize opportunities with a low level of engagement and work more strategically on bigger opportunities. “We called it the ‘buffalo herd’. We wanted to move each opportunity into the top right, where there was higher engagement with the higher value deals.”


Image 3: Buffalo Herd


With Ebsta’s Revenue Intelligence Platform, Copado’s sales leaders have complete visibility of what’s happening across their pipeline to better focus their reps. As a result of seeing an increase in opportunity engagement, Copado has seen a 24% increase in revenue from a 5% increase in win rate, 8% increase in average deal value, and 9% increase in sales velocity.



Image 4: +5% Win Rate/ +8% Average Deal Value/ +9% Sales Velocity


By capturing contact and activity data automatically, Ebsta has also helped sales managers and operations at Copado. Ted adds, “Ebsta has helped create a true system of record for the CRM. We’ve got every contact and activity captured. We’re also able to track sales activity and performance. Now, we’re able to coach our sales reps with accurate insights.”

More recently, Ebsta has helped Copado improve the results from account-based selling whilst everyone is working remotely. Ted shared an update, “It’s amazing. Our sales team can see who knows who at each account and build stronger relationships.” By using Ebsta alongside a third-party tool to better understand buyer intent, sales reps have started prioritizing engagement with the very best prospects.

The Results

  • 12% increase in contacts in the CRM
  • 61% opportunities identified ‘at risk’
  • 16% increase in high-quality engagement with opportunities
  • 24% increase in revenue
  • 5% increase in win rate
  • 8% increase in average deal value
  • 9% increase in sales velocity


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