Ebsta for Sales Reps

Be a high-performing sales rep who crushes quota.

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Increase your pipeline by personalizing outreach

Create more meaningful prospect interactions with personalized workflows. Introduce emails, tasks and calls that sync directly with your CRM to ensure you never miss a follow-up again. Easily enroll hundreds of prospects directly from your CRM

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Engage your prospects with world-class content

Gain quick access to a library of prewritten email templates that sit directly in your mailbox. Create unique content experiences that are interactive and perfect for engaging with different audiences. View useful metrics to understand the performance of the templates with every engagement.

Discover ways to improve your performance

Measure the value of each email, with engagement insights that allow you to optimize not only your content but the entire journey. See what happens after you click send, to see how recipients are opening emails and clicking on links. Live notifications allow you to prioritize your follow-ups with the most engaged recipients, ensuring you send the right email at the right time.

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Spend more time selling by eradicating busywork

Automatically sync your email and calendar data to Salesforce without any manual entry. Work from within your mailbox to update Salesforce records, leads and contacts without needing to log into your CRM. Use the Ebsta bubble to see prospect's recent activities, and create new leads or tasks directly from your mailbox.

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