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Conversation Intelligence ICON@4x

Conversation Intelligence

Capture critical details from every conversation



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billed annually

Customizable Call Insights
Auto-Sync Call Details to CRM
Coaching Insights

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Relationship Intelligence ICON@4x

Relationship Intelligence

Score relationships with customers, opportunities & prospects



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Relationship Scoring
Relationship Mapping
Relationship Trends

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Revenue Intelligence ICON@4x


Revenue Insights for deal management, pipeline management and forecasting



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Pipeline Management
Deal Insights

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Conversation Intelligence ICON@2x
Conversation Intelligence
Relationship Intelligence ICON@2x
Relationship Intelligence
Revenue Intelligence ICON@2x
Revenue Intelligence
Conversation Intelligence
Call playback
Review key moments in conversations and meetings.
Auto-qualify deals with your sales methodology
Capture details related to any methodology.
Share snippets internally and externally
Highlight key moments with direct reports or your manager in your workspace.
Topic tracking
Identify moments and conversations related to topics relevant to your business.
Key Moment and Call Summaries
Generate insights based on your criteria (methodology, objections, entry/exit criteria etc.).
Call & Topic Alerts (Slack notifications)
Generate notifications where you work when key moments are raised within a conversation.
Ebsta AI Bot
Use generative AI to generate follow-ups, investigate calls, and make recommendations.
Relationship & Activity Intelligence
Email Sync
Automatically sync emails to the CRM.
Calendar native Sync
Automatically sync calendar events to the CRM.
Contact Capture
Automatically capture contacts from employee mailboxes and sync them to the CRM.
Contact Alerts
Automatically update out-of-date records, including new phone numbers and job titles, and out-of-office and left business detection.
Relationship Score
Understand how strong relationships are based on analysis of engagement.
Relationship Score Trends
Track how engagement is increasing or decreasing between employees and customers.
Relationship Mapping
Track relationships between every employee and customer.
Account-Based Insights
Understand the breadth and depth of relationships against every Account.
360° View (via Salesforce Managed Package)
Deep-dive into relationships and activities against every record in Salesforce.
Customized Salesforce Dashboards
Build customized Salesforce Dashboards from Ebsta’s insights.
Revenue Intelligence
Projected Revenue
Predict what the sales team will close at the end of the month/quarter.
Forecast Roll-Ups
See how well your teams and reps are performing.
Forecast Trends
Track how the forecast has changed.
Forecast Pacing
See how your pipeline is progressing against the required pace to hit quota.
Forecast Insights
Get forecast updates sent directly to your Inbox.
Forecast Submissions
Submit commit and upside forecasts.
Revenue Type Forecasting
Automatically update out-of-date records, including new phone numbers and job titles, and out-of-office and left business detection.
Waterfall Chart
See how commit and upside forecasts have changed and understand which opportunities drove this change.
User & Team Filters
Deep-dive into individual and team forecasts.
Pipeline Trends & Flow Chart
Track how the pipeline has changed.
Pipeline Insights
Discover actionable insights to improve sales performance.
Pipeline Benchmarks
Leverage historical analysis to establish pipeline benchmarks.
Opportunity Relationship Scoring
Understand how strong relationships are based on analysis of engagement.
Positive and Negative Factors
Real-time indicators on the performance of each deal. Monitor deal performance through 7 key factors which enable users to address issues as they arise.
Deal Score
Understand the likelihood of a deal closing.
Deal Qualification Guide New Feature
The framework you need to qualify prospects & identify the factors which define sales success.
Opportunity 360° View
Easily browse and deep-dive into every Opportunity.
Funnel Analytics
See weaknesses in your sales process and identify opportunities for improvement.
Team Analytics
Overview of rep performance metrics.
Pipeline Insights Notifications
Make better decisions faster with pipeline email summaries.
User & Team Filters
Deep-dive into individual and team pipelines.
Inline Editing
Adjust deal value, close date and deal stage from within the platform and automatically sync changes with your CRM.
Slack Integration
Streamline pipeline communications using Slack.
Sales KPI Report & Trends
Easily track Sales KPIs, including Win Rates, Sales Cycles, Average Deal Value, Average Relationships and Average Engagement.
Sales Activity Report & Trends
Easily track sales activity, including emails, meetings and calls.
Inbox Productivity
Email Tracking
Email Cadences
Send Later
Calendar Scheduler
Outlook/Office 365
Account Management & Support
Account Manager
Knowledge Base
Configuration & Setup
User Management
Manage all users licences and configurations from a single console.
Single Sign-On (SSO) Support
Support for Single Sign-On.
Support for Gmail and Outlook Service Accounts
Support for Salesforce Sandbox environments.


Automatically capture every contact and activity in the CRM.

E-mail Tracking
Calendar Scheduler



per user/month
billed annually

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