Optimize the productivity and effectiveness of your sales team.

Equip every rep with intelligent sales automation and real-time analytics

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Advanced Email Tracking

Get notified when a prospect or customer opens your email or clicks on any links. Prioritize your follow-ups, ensuring that you send content while your prospect is still thinking of you.


Ebsta Everywhere

Seamlessly bring the power of Salesforce to all your favorite websites. Ebsta supports 50+ integrations, including LinkedIn, Xing, Zoominfo, Indeed and many more.

Schedule emails and meetings directly from your mailbox

Schedule as many messages as you want right within your mailbox. You’ll be much more efficient when you can schedule your sends in the same place you’re drafting your emails. Effortlessly schedule meetings without going back-and-forth by making your calendar available to customers in real-time.

Meeting scheduler
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Organize your emails in advance and choose the best time to deliver them.

Join thousands of Reps that leverage Ebsta to seamlessly connect their emails to Salesforce.

Integrate your calendar with the CRM

Ebsta's meeting scheduler seamlessly integrates with Gmail and Outlook so that your calendar is always up to date.

Meeting in sf
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Automate your outreach and never miss a follow-up with personalized cadences

Nurture closer relationships with customers and ensure every action forward is executed by triggering personalized journeys and tasks.

Access Salesforce templates directly from your Mailbox

No more copying and pasting information. Access your Salesforce templates and automatically merge fields directly in Gmail.

personalized templates
tracking analysis

Optimize results with tracking analysis

Use Ebsta's email template insights to help you measure the performance of each template in real-time and optimize them for higher engagement. Track their open, click and reply rates and improve the performance of your templates with every engagement.