Salesforce Usage Report 2019: A Look Ahead to 2020

Insights from over five hundred companies across six continents…

From those on the front line of sales through to the decision makers confirming budgets and direction with Salesforce.

Key takeaways…

  • Access to meaningful data and customer expectations have changed the way we sell
  • Executive buy-in, expertise and accountability are increasing barriers to success with Salesforce
  • Unhealthy data poses a serious concern for the adoption of AI
  • Time spent in Salesforce has decreased, but its importance in each sales engagement has increased
  • A lack of user adoption causes over half of customer relationships to go unrecorded in Salesforce
Ebsta Launches the 2019 Salesforce Usage Report

            Dan Remedios
            Chief Growth Officer @ Ebsta

“The way we sell as businesses has changed because of how the connected customer now buys. Our entire relationship with the CRM is changing as a result.”

           Guy Rubin
           CEO @ Ebsta

“Now in its fourth year, our report provides an
examination into the challenges, opportunities and
direction of the world’s leading customer experience

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