Salesforce Usage Report 2017

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Key takeaways

Data quality remains the ‘biggest Salesforce challenge’


Companies with a full-time employed Salesforce Administrator are five times more likely to accurately forecast pipeline and close rates


of Admins surveyed that are using Trailhead expect to earn a higher salary in 2017


of Salespeople questioned thought more could be done in their organization to automate manual and repetitive processes

52% of admins expect to invest more in the Salesforce platform in 2017

5 hrs

The average user spends 5 hours per day on Salesforce


Just 12% of surveyed users are actively using Salesforce Lightning


market share

Salesforce has a CRM market share of nearly 20% so we wanted to deep-dive into Salesforce usage to identify the amount of Salesforce Users per company and how often, on average, they log in to the CRM system to better understand User behaviour

More than


In our 2015 Salesforce Usage Report, 40% of respondents said that a third of their organisation used Salesforce. In 2016 this increased to more than half

Expert opinion

Francis Pindar

Salesforce MVP

“For me, the reason the uptake for Lightning hasn’t been as quick is because Salesforce has been trying to get feature parity between Lightning and Classic, making sure all features work correctly across both UIs. They’re pretty much there now, so now the move to Lightning is an ROI question: there’s a cost of moving to Lightning, retraining Users and Developers etc. I think now we’re right on the tipping point of people realising Lightning is where they should be, and so I think 2017 will see the shift in people moving over.”

Four out of five Sales people say Sales Cloud is imperative to achieving revenue targets

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