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Having a speedy way of creating, updating and viewing my CRM data is crucial to my workflow.  Ebsta allows me to work at a fast pace without neglecting crucial information or business process.

Lisa Jones, BarclayJones



For super-charged sales folk looking to out-perform the competition, Ebsta is a no-brainer. Ebsta’s brilliance is in its simplicity, saving oodles of time and increasing performance.  Magic.

Simon Lewis, Only Marketing Jobs



Ebsta has transformed the quality and relevancy of our customer data and paid for itself within 48hrs. With 100% sales adoption and 400% weekly increase in record updates, Ebsta has put CRM back at the heart of our sales organisation.

Anthony Sochan, Mitchellake Group

Ebsta at a glance

window Manage Salesforce
Update Salesforce records, manage tasks, record activities and create opportunities without ever logging in to Salesforce.
add-contact Capture web content
Create Salesforce records in two clicks on 50+ websites. Custom integrations available. Ebsta does not capture data from LinkedIn. Click here to find out why.
notification Salesforce record notifications 
Get alerted to existing Salesforce records as you browse social networks, prospecting websites and custom websites.
chatter Chatter
Stay in touch with company updates and share items of interest – like leads or news articles, as you browse the web.
add-chrome 1-click install
You’re just one click away from having Ebsta set up on your machine.
customize-paid Customize
You’re in full control of how Ebsta works.
editionsWork with any Salesforce Edition
Ebsta works for all Salesforce users, JobScience users + users of most other native applications.
ideasKnowledge base and ideas forum
We’re committed to putting helpful content online and listening to your needs.

Where does Ebsta work?

pi_google pi_zoominfo pi_facebook pi_twitter pi_xing

+ in any other site you choose…

Like competitor websites, Social Networks, recruiting websites, Real Estate websites, data subscription websites and more.

Ebsta does not capture data from LinkedIn. Click here to find out why.

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