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Ebsta is the AI-first revenue platform. We guarantee to improve rep quota attainment in the first 6 months and improve the accuracy of your forecast to within 10% of your number.
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Why Change?

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    75% reps missing quota

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    34% of deals slipping

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    10x delta between high and low performers

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    85% of opportunities poorly qualified

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    98% of CRM contacts have no relationships

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Why Ebsta?

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    Insight-driven sales processes, pipeline reviews and forecast calls

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    See risk to your pipeline

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    Reveal why you win and lose deals

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    Automate opportunity qualification

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    Capture every contact, e-mail, call and meeting

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Why now?

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Reveal why top performers are succeeding

Understand which behaviors are driving the success of your top seller, then replicate those behaviors with recommendations.


It changed the dynamic of how we managed the whole sales process.


Ted Elliot | CEO


Strengthen your sales process

Diagnose where revenue is being lost and guide reps to areas needing improvement.


When my CEO saw the improvements in hitting the forecast, he was sold.


David Wilson | VP Sales – Process Division
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Pipeline Management (Generic)

Spot risks and opportunities in your pipeline

Stop deals from slipping and highlight opportunities to progress


Forward visibility is the holy grail - and Ebsta gives that visibility.


Alan Morton | Managing Director
SBR Consulting

Deal Room + Slack Integration

Guide reps to success with insight from your pipeline

Ebsta supports reps by learning from every interaction and deal.


Ebsta gives us priceless information going into every sales and renewal process.

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Dan Otvos | VP of Revenue Operations

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Pipeline Management (Generic)
Deal Room + Slack Integration

Want to see how?

Ebsta learns from your wins and losses to guide effective sales processes, pipeline reviews and forecast calls.

CI Positive and Negative

Deal Management

Guide sellers to deal-winning conversations by analyzing every deal and interaction

Pipeline Management (Generic)

Pipeline Management

See how your team's pipeline is developing, spot risks and prepare effectively for pipeline reviews.



Call your forecast with confidence (and context) of what deals are going to close.



Ebsta learns from your success and failure and recommends how to improve your rep's performance.

AI Deal Qualification

CRM Automation

Capture every contact, e-mail, call and meeting. Ebsta connects your mailbox, calendar, call recorder and workspace with your CRM.