Calendar Sync

Sync your calendars between your mailbox and Salesforce
Track what's going on by effortlessly keeping your Salesforce and Outlook or Gmail calendars in perfect sync.

Keep your calendars up-to-date automatically

Sync events from Gmail or Outlook to Salesforce so that there is a single source of truth to plan your day, week and month from. It's easy to set-up, and will continue to run automatically in the background; whether you’re creating and editing calendar events in your mailbox, Salesforce or on a mobile device.


Have a record of every meeting synced with every Salesforce record

Ebsta syncs calendar information bi-directionally from one to the other. Meetings are automatically related to the right leads and contacts in Salesforce so that a user can seamlessly view upcoming events with prospects and customers.

Easily book meetings by sharing your availability

Prevent meetings from clashing or falling under the radar with Ebsta and choose whether you wish to sync multiple calendars, private or recurring events.

Meeting scheduler

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