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Ebsta Integrations and Optimized Websites


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Ebsta integrations are all about keeping your CRM databases accurate and up to date whilst increasing productivity and workflow. We don’t want our users wasting time hunting for lost data or missing opportunities so here’s a list of all our integrations to ensure you have everything you need to deliver outstanding customer service:

Salesforce Email Integrations

Gmail integration

Working with Gmail? Businesses send thousands of emails a day to customers and prospects and we understand the importance of syncing these emails, contacts and calendars to Salesforce without having to leave the page. Our Chrome extension tool also allows you to track all emails so you can see when an email has been read offering the perfect sales opportunity. We have over 30,000 companies using our Gmail integration for Salesforce.  Check out the Hoopla and Sipsmith  customer success stories to discuss the benefits of using our tool and the impact it has had on their businesses.

Managed Package

In our recent survey on Salesforce Usage across 590 users, 70% of users said that they always encounter missing information and data such as an email address or a contact number in their Salesforce. We’ve solved this issue with the Ebsta Managed Package by unlocking user’s mailboxes to uncover hidden and lost contact information. A new era of Salesforce has been born. Salesforce Administrator Jason Vance talks of the new product in our customer success story here. For more information on the product’s features, head off to the Ebsta Salesforce Email Integration page.

Salesforce LinkedIn Integration

LinkedIn holds vital contact information that should be stored in Salesforce. Our LinkedIn integration for Salesforce allows you to cross-reference this information without leaving the page. It’s quick, simple and easy to use whilst keeping your Salesforce data up to date.

Recruitment Platform Integrations


Look no further for the ultimate recruitment time-saver. We help JobScience users to spend more time recruiting the best in the business and less time finding candidate information in their database. Ebsta CEO Guy Rubin says “Since we launched Ebsta for Salesforce, we have been working with the Jobscience team to deliver a version of Ebsta specifically optimized for the recruitment space. I am sure Jobscience customers will appreciate the immediate benefits gained by using the Ebsta plugin for Jobscience from any website.” CEO Ted Elliott commented of Ebsta and JobScience coming together “Recruiters are continuously searching for employment prospects to fold into their Candidate Relationship Management efforts. Ebsta for Jobscience makes the process seamless and demonstrates innovation through partnership that has resulted in a high value productivity tool to our recruiter user community.” For more information, go to our JobScience page.


Bullhorn is the leading recruitment CRM solution with over 10,000 users across the globe. We wanted to help these users make the most out of their Bullhorn database with our three Bullhorn tools: Ebsta for Word, Ebsta for Chrome and Ebsta for Outlook to get recruiters working at hyper-speed. Each tool drives Bullhorn adoption and activity levels whilst keeping your database up to date. Ebsta has helped American-based recruitment firm Profiles to enhance their recruitment process and reveal all in our customer success story ‘Recruitment Perfection the Profiles Way‘. See also Ebsta’s impact on Food Industry Associates in the UK ‘Food Industry Associates have a Big Appetite for Recruitment’. Go to for more information.

Talent Rover

We’ve joined forces with Talent Rover to help recruiters source the best candidates in the best time. Missing data is a thing of the past – Ebsta informs you if a candidate already exists in your Talent Rover database if you’re on a job board, social network or in Gmail. If they do, you can get instant visibility into the record and all the relevant details you want to see. Our CEO, Guy Rubin, is enthusiastic about our work with Talent Rover “We’re pleased to help Talent Rover users fully utilize all the data they capture and build out their records with speed, efficiency and collaboration. More than 10,000 recruiters use Ebsta every day, and we are excited to welcome Talent Rover’s global customers.” Talent Rover’s COO, Brandon Metcalf, says “In staffing and recruitment, a high volume of quality job leads and candidates can give firms a competitive advantage, but finding, adding or updating this data is a major pain point. We integrated with Ebsta because they truly offer the best solution on the market for making this process fast and painless. This partnership aligns with our global growth strategy and commitment to providing customers with the best technology available.” Find out more here.

Click To Cloud

Don’t waste anymore time manually going into Click To Cloud and adding new candidates. When creating a new record on a job board, social network or in Gmail, Ebsta will populate the contact fields for you allowing you to spend more time being a recruitment genius. We also add new records, manage tasks, record activities and attach emails without having to leave the webpage. Whether you’re on a job board, social network or working in email, Ebsta will show you if the candidate exists in Click To Cloud Our CEO, Guy Rubin, says that “We’re happy to be able to help Click To Cloud users keep their records up to date and accurate whilst sourcing the very best candidates. With Ebsta, they can work more efficiently, be more productive and fundamentally save time by never having to go between pages to update/create records.” Our customer success story with Citak Pty Co-Founder Charles Young talks Click to Cloud and how our integration has revolutionised his business.

Optimized Websites

Our optimized websites help users work faster with the Ebsta bar dropping to show if the contact exists in your CRM. Websites include Monster, Indeed, Career Builder, Reed, Total Jobs, TechCrunch and many more. See the full list here.  

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