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You Can’t Sell to Someone Who Can’t Buy with Michael Dalley, CRO at Aerial Vantage

In this episode, Guy and Michael explore the lessons Michael has learned over his twenty years of sales leadership experience. Discover the importance of forecasting accuracy, the potential of the Challenger methodology, and why you can’t sell to someone who can’t buy.

From Inbound to Outbound: The Sago Sales Transformation with CRO Katharine Reagan

Katharine Reagan, CRO of Sago, joins the Revenue Insights Podcast to share how Sago pivoted from Inbound to Outbound sales, discussing key metrics, qualification methodologies, and sales pipeline stages.


How to create a culture of accountability as a RevOps team of one with Robb Finkelstein, Head of Revenue Operations at Heyday

Robb started off in sales operations and worked in the fintech sector before finally discovering his passion for e-commerce. He was intrigued by Heyday’s business model and had always been keen to build a RevOps function from scratch. Robb was lucky enough to join HeyDay just as they exited stealth mode with Series A funding. 

Show Notes 

[00:30] – Robb’s story

[02:05} – How Heyday’s business model is unique 

[03:56] – Building RevOps from the ground up

[05:25] – What Robb prioritised first 

[07:50} – Taking the learnings from ShipBob previously into Heyday

[09:30} – The secret to creating a culture of accountability 

[10:47] – How Heyday’s sales process has changed over time

[14:26] – The challenges and opportunities for their AEs and SDRs

[17:18] – How the onboarding process is very different at Heyday

[18:30] – The benefits of being a RevOps team of one 

[20:43] – When you are in a team of one – how do you prioritize the jobs that need to be done, and how do you weigh them against what you want to be done

[23:15] – What are the essential, needed, and nice to have tools in your tech stack 

[26:35] – How Heyday gets value from tools which help them to be creative with their outreach

[28:05] – Resources that have helped Robb – Outreach’s blog for learning about sales engagement

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Accountability in Revenue Operations

Creating alignment between teams 

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