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How to Close 7+ Figure Deals with Paulo Veloso, CRO at Digibee

This week on the Revenue Insights Podcast we are joined by Paulo Veloso, CRO at Digibee.

In this episode, Lee and Paulo discuss the importance of outcome-based selling, why finding the right fit is crucial to building a high-performing team, and how to think outside the box when selling.

As CRO at Digibee, Paulo leads the global sales and business development strategy for a fast-growing and innovative platform. Prior to this position, Paulo was VP of Sales for the Americas at Torq and Security Sales Area Vice President at Splunk. He also acts as an Advisor for Byos and is on the Cyber Security Advisory Committee Board at the University of South Florida.

Time Stamps:

  • 01:17 – About Paulo Veloso
  • 02:50 – Applying learnings from Latin America to North America
  • 07:33 – Covering the customer journey with outcome-based selling
  • 10:56 – Digibee’s objectives for the year
  • 14:46 – The journey towards a repeatable, scalable model
  • 19:28 – Building a high-performing team
  • 29:22 – Replicating high performers
  • 34:07 – Encouraging reps to go above and beyond
  • 43:08 – Where to find Paulo


How to Build a High-Performing Team

To Paulo, the key to building a high-performing team is to find the right fit for the business’s mission. A rep who performs well at one company might not perform as well at another, so you cannot just hire lots of sellers who have exceeded quota attainment. Instead, he recommends focusing on finding individuals who are the right fit for target customers, which will vary depending on attributes such as region, industry, and persona.

The Importance of Outcome-Based Selling 

While working in Latin America, Paulo learned about outcome-based selling, which is crucial in LATAM due to a budget-constrained market. This model centers around understanding exactly what is in a sale for a customer and building them up as champions by demonstrating the value they receive. Paulo has taken this approach into the US market and teaches it to his teams, who then become top performers through changing their mindset.

How to Think Outside the Box in a Sales Process

One of the biggest challenges Paulo faces is encouraging his teams that failure is not a definitive outcome. He encourages his reps to go above and beyond for their customers, becoming fearless in the face of failure. He helps his teams to think outside of the box when trying to close 7+ figure deals, such as working at a coffee shop local to a potential client’s office and gaining a new perspective on their team or going to events and finding a new way to network.

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