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Should You Replicate Your Top Performers? With Sean Frazer, VP of Revenue Operations at Dental Intelligence

This week on the Revenue Insights Podcast, we are joined by Sean Frazer, VP of Revenue Operations at Dental Intelligence.

In this episode, Lee and Sean explore RevOps at Dental Intelligence, from the four data points critical to every sale to the time-saving capabilities and use cases of AI. They further touch on whether or not you should replicate your top performers as they might not always be using the best practices. 

Sean is a seasoned RevOps professional, with nearly a decade of experience in the space. He currently acts as VP of Revenue Operations at Dental Intelligence, a software company providing actionable insights and automation to dental practices of all sizes. He is further an Advisor at Sendoso, a platform designed to help businesses engage with their customers in new and unique ways.

Time Stamps:

  • 00:59 – Who is Sean Frazer?
  • 05:05 – RevOps at Dental Intelligence
  • 08:26 – Critical data points for the sales process
  • 10:23 – A funnel report for every sales rep
  • 14:07 – Exciting future projects
  • 19:55 – Are top performers always using best practices?
  • 25:30 – AI at Dental Intelligence
  • 33:40 – AI’s time-saving capabilities
  • 36:56 – Sean’s recommendations for rolling out AI 
  • 40:30 – Sean’s book recommendation: Extreme Ownership by Jocko Willink and Leif Babin


Critical Data Points for Sales

According to Sean, there are exactly four data points critical to sales. First, the number of opportunities you can create. Second, the close rate of those opportunities. Third, the average sales prices of said opportunities. Fourth, the length of the sale cycle. Besides those four data points, nothing else will impact your revenue. Any training or measure you take will directly impact one of those data points, thus affecting your sales. Altogether, this makes up the sales velocity formula.

Paying Attention to Top Performers

Sean explains that too often your top performers are ‘lone wolves’. They have been left alone a lot because they are good at their job, but that does not mean they are using the best practices. He has found that, more often than not, you need to ignore that person, and not consider them your top performer because you most likely do not want to recreate their practices. Instead, look at your A-players, the ones who are hitting their quote consistently and following the prescribed system. He recommends observing how they find their opportunities and replicating that as this will have the most impact on your overall sales. 

AI’s Time-Saving Capabilities

Sean is a big fan of AI, specifically ChatGPT-4. A lot of people conflate AI with magic, but Sean feels its most underrated capability is its time-saving. It can save multiple team members ten minutes, multiple times a day, which brings back days of productivity. Thus, he recommends paying attention to the small things it can take on, such as finding formulae for different spreadsheet functionalities. Every other AI capability is blown out of proportion when the small ones are the game-changers. 

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