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Strategic Process Mining to Scale Revenue Operations with Itay Maoz, Sr. Director of Revenue Operations at Electric

In this episode of RevOps Demystified, Tom Hunt and Alex Freeman are joined by Itay Maoz, Sr. Director of Revenue Operations at Electric. They discuss how automation has transformed manual processing in sales and RevOps, the benefits of strategic sales process mining, and the ways to scale RevOps. 

Combining sales and analytical skills to upscale RevOps 

Itay started his sales journey at Grovo as an SDR in 2014 while completing his second bachelor’s degree in Applied Mathematics. This was when he realised the manual sales process was exhausting and time-consuming and that edge sales operations could be achieved with analytical integration.  

Intending to combine sales and automation to streamline operations, he joined Just Work as a Sales Operations Manager in 2015. Here, Itay worked on combining his sales expertise with his knowledge of maths and technology to upgrade the sales and, ultimately, the  RevOps functions. In addition, he believes that incorporating automation into a strategy makes operations more efficient and lucrative

With three years of dedication and exposing the company to strategic excellence and automated sales processes, Itay was promoted to Senior Manager, Revenue Operations in 2018. And finally, in 2021, he joined Electric as Sr. Director of Revenue Operations, where he currently works, as of April 2022.  

Itay’s experience in working with multiple companies in various roles has enabled him to curate a strategic and customer-oriented process mining sales cycle that helps him with; 

  • Customer building
  • Turning one-timers into long-term clients
  • Streamlining RevOps functions 
  • Optimising sales conversion 

The operations team at Electric

To derive excellence from Electric’s operations and ensure that each function performs at par, Itay has developed different teams, each with a specified lead who looks after their department and reports to him. Here is the departmental teams’ outlook on Electric:

  • Sales operations: One manager and two sales reps
  • Marketing operations: One manager and two marketing strategists
  • Customer operations: One manager and one analyst
  • Tech operations: One manager and one tech expert

Fundamentals of scaling RevOps 

To successfully get through the sales process, it is important to implement the customer’s requests as quickly as possible. With  manual processing, things can get delayed and might result in conflicts if all the salespeople are not on the same page, which negatively impacts RevOps.

These are the fundamentals to scale RevOps and create a homogenous environment with efficient workflow.

  • Automate anything and everything whenever possible, but strategically
  • Choose the right person to come up with easy-to-implement strategies for process mining and handle the operations

Importance of “strategic process mining” in RevOps 

“Strategy is a set of interconnected choices that direct and helps you with your way”- Play to Win.

Focus on converting RevOps into a strategic function for better customer leads and sales conversion. Itay believes that the most important thing to curate a foolproof strategy is to decide “what not to do.”

If a process does not promise scalability or requires a huge investment, you should not waste your money and time on it. 

The collaborative effect of strategic problem-solving results in faster sales and RevOps process, more money, and long-term customers that promise more business.  

The strategy makes the entire sales force flexible and adaptive to unforeseen changes in technology and automation. Because, in business operations, every process is scalable, and whenever any process gets an upgrade, the previous work tactics become obsolete.

To scale and transit into automation strategically, you need to go slow to go faster. You must employ automation and technology in your system, keeping the sales force capacity and the customer requests into consideration. 

Key components to unlock efficiency for RevOps 

Sales and RevOps have evolved greatly over the centuries. In the 19th century, it was about experimentation, while in the 20th century, it was about maths. However, the answers and analyses were an approximation with no promised accuracy. 

In the 21st century, as evidenced by the progress in business operations, the sales process is more about combining the previous experiments and mathematical analysis with computer intelligence to get definite answers and ultimately more success.

Some of the tips to optimise RevOps are:

  • Get the root cause analysis
  • Solve process issues with automation
  • Upgrade each step of the sales cycle with AI to convert everything into a digital signature
  • Do not rush into choosing tech tools; test and try before buying!

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