What is the difference between Ebsta and Clari?

We’ve both built our Revenue Intelligence Platforms to help customers achieve predictable revenue growth. If you are looking for a tool to improve forecasting accuracy, reduce pipeline leakage and close deals faster, here are the key differences.


Revenue Intelligence in Salesforce

Our mission is to help businesses close more deals, faster.

We believe this does not need to be complicated. Every insight is simple, actionable and available within your CRM.


Predict your forecast with AI

Clari have developed their Revenue Operations Platform on a foundation of AI and machine learning. What they bring to the table is great for businesses looking to improve their forecasting and gain visibility over their pipeline.

Ebsta and Clari overlap in a number of areas but with a few crucial differences.

Let’s start with some similarities:

Both platforms help you to forecast confidently and more accurately.
Both platforms turn activity data into actionable insights
Both platforms give you visibility of your pipeline so you can track how it is changing over time

What makes Ebsta different

We help sales teams make better decisions and close more deals faster

The common problem with revenue intelligence is that it is over-complicated, confusing and takes too long to deliver results.

We believe in a better way. Spot deals at risk in your pipeline. Prioritize deals most likely to help you make quota. Submit your forecast with confidence. All from inside your CRM - no external platform needed.

4 Features You Will Only Find With Ebsta


Every insight in Salesforce

Instead of having to jump from your CRM to the platform and back again - Ebsta delivers every insight inside of Salesforce.

Submitting your forecast? There's a module for that. Qualifying deals? There's a module for that too. Need to see deals at risk? We can add it to any dashboard within Salesforce.



See improvements in days, not months (or even years)

Instead of relying on machine learning to deliver results, Ebsta provides insights you can use in under 24 hours.

Not only will Ebsta help improve the health of your CRM - it provides insights that will help you make quota this quarter.



Measure the strength of relationships

Measuring activity helps you see how frequently reps are engaging contacts - but it fails to tell you how effective that activity is.

Ebsta's Relationship Score tells you the strength of engagement with contacts, opportunities and accounts.

This considers e-mails sent, e-mails opened, calls made, calls received, meetings booked and much more.

Ebsta Score
CRM Automation - Bring


A plug-and-play experience

Get started for free and see the health of your pipeline in under 24 hours.

Connect your mailbox and see every deal at risk, how your pipeline is progressing and which deals to prioritize to make quota this quarter.

Ebsta simplifies revenue intelligence, giving you insights that help you hit quota this quarter.

Machine learning relies on having a healthy foundation of data to be effective
Flexibility and adaptability is required to integrate revenue intelligence with your CRM
Both historical and forward visibility is valuable to both learn and predict

Lets get started!

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"Ebsta has helped us improve our sales forecasting and pipeline management by giving us real-time visibility into what's really going on. By monitoring engagement, we're now able to focus on closing deals faster and working on the very best opportunities."

Ted Elliott | CEO - Copado


Increase in


Opportunities identified 'at risk'


Increase in
win rate

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