What is the difference between Ebsta and Clari?

We’ve both built our Revenue Intelligence Platforms with a data-first approach which helps customers have confidence with their decision making. If you are looking for a tool to improve forecasting accuracy, identify pipeline at risk and close deals significantly faster, then you are in the right place.


Ebsta focus on Relationships

Our mission is to help businesses achieve predictable revenue growth through revenue intelligence - and then scale this further by measuring engagement.

Not only does that include improving forecast accuracy and pipeline visibility - we take things a step further by providing visibility across the customer journey.


Clari is centred around AI

Clari have developed their Revenue Operations Platform on a foundation of AI and machine learning. What they bring to the table is great for businesses looking to improve their forecasting and gain visibility over their pipeline.

Ebsta and Clari overlap in a number of areas but with a few crucial differences.

Let’s start with some similarities:

Both platforms help you to forecast confidently and more accurately.
Both platforms turn valuable CRM data into actionable insights
Both platforms give you complete visibility of your pipeline so you can effortlessly track how your pipeline is changing over time

What makes Ebsta different

We measure engagement across the entire customer journey.

We want to empower teams - from leaders to reps, to take control of their forecasting and pipeline.

We are huge advocates of Revenue Operations - and therefore understand that when sales, marketing and customer success teams are on the same page they can work together to create an incredibly personalised customer experience. This is one of the major benefits of improving your visibility. But how do we get everyone on the same page?

4 Features You Will Only Find With Ebsta


Tracking across every account

Our revenue intelligence platform tracks every account, from its creation as an opportunity, through to being closed won (or lost), before finally becoming an account. With this, marketing can identify which contacts need to be nurtured as part of an account-based selling strategy.

As this moves to the next stage in your pipeline, sales can identify which contacts to engage, and who they need to speak with to progress the deal. Finally, when they become a customer, all of the previous activity and information is shared with customer success, making onboarding a seamless experience, but also ensuring they have all the insights they need when it’s time to renew.

Relationship engagment score trend
Relationships - 360


We put the “Relationship” into your CRM

We track emails, calls and meetings, with all this data syncing to your CRM across the customer lifecycle so your teams do not have to. Importantly, we turn this data into insights. Some of the ways we do this are through relationship scoring and relationship mapping so you can dissect the strength of each relationship and their role with an account.

Think of it as your own personal LinkedIn. Every contact, account and opportunity is assigned a score based on their engagement so you can better understand the strength of these relationships as well as who in your team has the best relationship with them. This score is known as the Ebsta Score and is the fundamental way we quantify relationships.


Measure engagement with the Ebsta Score

This is a measure of how well a contact, opportunity or account is being engaged with. It takes into consideration two main factors: all the activity with a target user, opportunity or account as well as the recency of the activity. We score these from 0-100 - the higher the figure, the greater the level of engagement. The lower the score, the poorer the level of engagement.

It is crucial for reps to engage with the right people at the right time. This metric helps you to understand how your team is engaging with accounts and individuals across the entirety of your sales cycle, so you can ensure your sales reps are proactively engaging with the deals that matter the most.

Ebsta Score
CRM Automation - Bring


A plug-and-play experience

Enjoy a frictionless transition to Ebsta and start your 14-day free trial to see your pipeline health, engagement, forecasts and so much more today. It takes less than 24 hours to sync your data with our console so you and your team can have access to those all-important insights to make data-driven decisions in record time.

What you see is what you get with Ebsta. This is why we are transparent about our pricing from the get-go. We charge per user and there is no minimum spend.

Ebsta is a relationship-centric revenue intelligence platform at its core. Clari on the other hand focuses on using machine learning to power its insights;

Clari uses machine learning to help teams to improve the accuracy of their sales forecasts
Clari provides good flexibility to slice and dice your data to understand a range of metrics at a team and user level
Clari provides you with pipeline visibility in current and future quarters

Lets get started!

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"Ebsta has helped us improve our sales forecasting and pipeline management by giving us real-time visibility into what's really going on. By monitoring engagement, we're now able to focus on closing deals faster and working on the very best opportunities."

Ted Elliott | CEO - Copado


Increase in


Opportunities identified 'at risk'


Increase in
win rate

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We asked the team at Ebsta - if you could describe what makes Ebsta unique in one sentence, what would you say?


“What sets us apart is our philosophy - our product speaks for itself.”
Troy Noll - CFO
Dan, CGO Ebsta

“We democratise revenue intelligence with a platform that delivers fast and actionable insights to revenue teams, helping to build alignment that drives predictable revenue growth.”
Daniel Remedios - Chief Growth Officer
toni heavey

“Not only does Ebsta support the entire prospect and customer journey, I find it fascinating that we have codified numerous metrics and health which is underpinned by trusted data.”
Toni Heavey - Head of RevOps

“Ebsta identifies pipeline and relationships at risk for B2B sales organizations by analyzing 100% of the inbound/outbound activity to highlight which relationships are trending in the wrong direction, or need attention before a deal is lost, or a customer churns.”
Guy Rubin - CEO

“The Ebsta free trial can be set up in less than a minute and works instantly for Salesforce and HubSpot customers.”
Zac Roberts - COO

Ready to get started?

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