What is the difference between Ebsta and Gong?

Finding the correct parts to build your tech stack is never an easy task. You are probably wondering what’s the difference between conversational and revenue intelligence, which platform would be better suited to your business’ needs and what is the difference between the two platforms. So, let us break down the similarities and differences between the two so that you are in a better position to make a decision that is right for you and your business.


Ebsta analyzes the entire customer life-cycle 

We have crafted a relationship-centric revenue intelligence platform. Through this, we help businesses to achieve predictable revenue growth across the customer lifecycle by embedding relationship scoring at the core of our platform.


Gong focuses on the performance of sales teams

Gong have developed a Conversational Intelligence Platform. What they bring to the table is great for businesses looking to gain visibility of the conversations their teams are having and dissect how to improve them.

Ebsta and Gong both have a variety of great functions and even overlap in a few of these areas:

Both platforms capture your conversations between your teams and your prospects or customers
Both platforms turn valuable CRM data into actionable insights
Both platforms enable your reps to build a winning strategy so teams can close more deals

What makes Ebsta different

What is the difference between Conversational Intelligence and Revenue Intelligence Platforms?

Conversational Intelligence focuses on capturing conversations. The platform then analyzes these conversations to provide insights to managers and reps so teams can proactively learn how to improve their win rates and coach teams to perfect sales calls with data-driven recommendations. Essentially, conversational intelligence helps you to make every contact count.

Revenue Intelligence on the other hand analyzes all sales activities and performance across the customer lifecycle, rather than just focusing on calls and conversations. Revenue Intelligence identifies which opportunities to prioritize to deliver the most value. It is proven to boost the odds of closing deals by unlocking who you need to build relationships with. Revenue Intelligence aligns sales, marketing and customer success teams behind the common goal of revenue growth by providing end-to-end visibility.

7 crucial differences you will find with Ebsta


Pipeline Visibility

Gaining complete visibility of your pipeline allows you to effortlessly track how your pipeline is changing in real-time. You will be able to see how many opportunities are in your pipeline, what stage they are at, the quality of these opportunities and so much more.

From a sales perspective, this means seeing what you have done, how you have done it and what you can do better. It gives you the power to identify which deals to prioritize and which deals to cut loose. With access to these insights you can minimize pipeline risk, close deals faster and coach sales reps.

Pipeline - Change V2
Forecasting - Tracking



Your forecasting is only as good as the data behind it so say goodbye to guesswork and stay ahead of the curve with Ebsta. We analyse hundreds of data points as well as your historical performance, to provide you with a clear understanding of your pipeline health. When combined with predictive deal scoring, this helps to increase the accuracy of your forecast by pinpointing the deals most likely to close.


Measure engagement with the Ebsta Score

This is a measure of how well a contact, opportunity or account is being engaged with. So, how does the Ebsta Score differ from Gong's approach?

The Ebsta score analyses a huge amount of activity between your rep and any contact. That includes email, calls and meetings. Whereas, Gong only tracks activity from sales calls. Our score takes into consideration two main factors: the recency and relevancy to provide a score between 0 and 100 - the higher the figure, the greater the level of engagement. The lower the score, the poorer the level of engagement.

This score truly reflects how well engaged that contact is so your reps can engage with the right people at the right time. Increase proactive engagement with the Ebsta Score as it covers the entire sales cycle and how your team is engaging with individuals as well as accounts.

Ebsta Score
CRM Automation - Bring



We have proven that relationships have a huge impact on revenue growth which is why measuring them through engagement is at the heart of our platform.

We automatically capture all contact activity and sync it with your CRM, saving precious time for your sales team. We then turn activity data into insights to provide you with relationship scoring and relationship maps. We assign every contact, opportunity and account with a score based on their engagement which can be used to analyse the strength of individual relationships and monitor who on your team has the best relationship with them.


A plug-and-play experience

We have made the transition to Ebsta as smooth as possible. Simply connect your CRM to our platform, and you will gain visibility of your pipeline health, engagement, forecasts and so much more. Our 14-day free trial will give you the full Ebsta experience into how our insights can enable you to make data-driven decisions in record time.

Ebsta Score
Forecasting - Insights



Our platform measures deals across the user journey and this is exactly what sets up apart from Gong. By democratizing revenue intelligence, Ebsta gives all teams access to vital pieces of information allowing them to make data-driven decisions that create a real impact on your business.

Whilst Gong focuses on empowering sales teams, we empower revenue teams across marketing through to customer success and we do this by measuring engagement across the entire customer journey.

At the top of the funnel, we track engagement on every account, from when it is first created as an opportunity through to when it becomes an account. This supports account-based selling strategies at the top of the funnel to identify which contacts within an account to target.

As we move down the funnel, pipeline visibility and forecasting allows you to identify deals that are at risk before it’s too late and confidently predict your forecast so you can beat your quota.

Furthermore, having an account’s history all in one place helps customer success teams to provide a seamless onboarding experience as well as providing detailed accounts and engagement insights when it is time to renew.



We understand how valuable your time can be which is exactly why our prices are readily available to you. We charge per user and there is no minimum spend.


Whilst Ebsta’s core focus demonstrates how relationships create real impact, Gong focuses on empowering sales reps;

Gong’s platform focuses on how sales teams can improve their performance by recording, transcribing and analysing conversations with the aim of closing the gap between top and average performers
Gong focuses on 3 areas of Revenue Intelligence - deal intelligence, people intelligence and marketing intelligence
Gong takes into account call data which can affect the quality of your data insights

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"Ebsta has helped us improve our sales forecasting and pipeline management by giving us real-time visibility into what's really going on. By monitoring engagement, we're now able to focus on closing deals faster and working on the very best opportunities."

Ted Elliott | CEO - Copado


Increase in


Opportunities identified 'at risk'


Increase in
win rate

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So far we’ve covered how both platforms differ from a technical perspective and we couldn’t think of a better way to demonstrate what makes Ebsta unique from a personal perspective than by asking our team for their opinions.

“What sets us apart is our philosophy - our product speaks for itself.”
Troy Noll - CFO
Dan, CGO Ebsta
“We democratise revenue intelligence with a platform that delivers fast and actionable insights to revenue teams, helping to build alignment that drives predictable revenue growth.”
Daniel Remedios - Chief Growth Officer
toni heavey
“Not only does Ebsta support the entire prospect and customer journey, I find it fascinating that we have codified numerous metrics and health which is underpinned by trusted data.”
Toni Heavey - Head of RevOps
Guy Rubin - CEO
“The Ebsta free trial can be set up in less than a minute and works instantly for Salesforce and HubSpot customers.”
Zac Roberts - COO

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