Want to close more deals faster with Revenue Intelligence in Salesforce?


Ebsta is the only Revenue Intelligence Platform that brings actionable insight to you so that you can drive predictable revenue growth - without leaving your CRM.

"Ebsta has helped us improve our sales forecasting and pipeline management by giving us real-time visibility into what’s really going on. By monitoring engagement, we’re now able to focus on closing deals faster and working on the very best opportunities"


Ted Elliott | CEO



In 30 minutes you will...

Learn How Ebsta helps businesses not only hit quota - but exceed it

No generic sales pitch. We'll learn about your problems and share actionable insights on how we can help you solve them.

See how exactly we do that

Still unsure how we do it? Let us take you through use cases relevant to your business, and show how you can start improving your win rate and shortening your sales cycles today.

Hear insights from businesses who have acheived predictable revenue growth

We've helped over 750 businesses on their journey. Some started at the bottom, and needed basic data capture. Others needed revenue insights to squeeze every dollar from their sales process. Wherever you are, we can share the stories of how they did it, and how you can too.

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