GDPR Statement

Ebsta and the GDPR

Ebsta is a UK-based company and complies with UK/EU laws and data protection regulations.

Ebsta is aware of its responsibilities under the GDPR as a data processor and comply with all applicable regulations stipulated in the GDPR. Since the GDPR was drafted we have spent time with many legal professionals, including members of the Queens Council involved in the drafting discussing not only the impact of the GDPR on us, our clients and the wider international business community but how the our technology can be used to assist customers with their own GDPR readiness. 

Security and Trust

Keeping your data safe and secure is paramount. We adopt industry standard design led approaches to security at all levels from the way we design our software, its deployment, maintenance, monitoring and platform architecture and operational standards. That is why we continually undergo and pass external security review processes to ensure the continued security of your data.

At all times you retain control over the data Ebsta has access to and the transactions that occur and at any time can revoke access.

For a more detailed security overview please review our security statement.

Your continued use of Ebsta as a Customer

Ebsta is a SaaS provider connecting your disparate SaaS platforms together. We are a data processor on your behalf and contractually bound through our terms and conditions which have been amended along with related agreements by our legal counsel to ensure that they contain the appropriate provisions for the personal data we store.

Data is accessed securely, encrypted during transport and at rest (where data is stored at all) with a record of each transaction logged, no PII.

The GDPR does not effect your continued usage of Ebsta. Please ensure that relevant parties have read the linked pages and are aware of your responsibilities as a data controller.

Are the Ebsta applications compliant?

The GDPR concerns personally identifiable information, PII. For any device, application or process to be compliant users must only have access to the PII that they have the correct consent to use as defined in the terms associated with that record. Ebsta does not introduce any compliance issues as long as you have the correct rights over the PII you are using.

How Ebsta helps with your GDPR readiness

Ebsta assists with your GDPR compliance whichever edition is being used. Ebsta records all transactions to ensure you can understand where and when records have come from and provides tools to users to ensure the data integrity of those records within the CRM. Ebsta also provides tools for full front office readiness. Without these tools you are less ready for GDPR.

A principal requirement of adhering to any data protection directive is ensuring that you know what data you have within your business .An Ebsta survey has found that up to 60% of business contacts are locked in mailboxes and never make it on to the CRM. Therefore they cannot be managed. For our Enterprise customers Ebsta unlocks these contacts and makes them available for central management and updates any existing records with the latest contact details.

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