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We are a sales enablement partner supporting business growth and sales performance.

Based in Scotland, and working internationally across the energy & tech sectors, we are a small team of B2B experts helping businesses increase sales, improve performance and better support their sales teams.

Our strategy-led service offers consultancy for identifying gaps and opportunities in teams and businesses. We do this by deeply understanding our clients’ businesses using data, industry knowledge and strategic insights. Typically, the outcomes of our work are that commercial and technical sellers successfully contribute to the overall sales performance of the organisations where they work.

Think of us as your sales doctor, carrying out a full body scan of your business before diagnosing which areas are in need of attention. Sometimes the symptoms alone don’t paint a full picture and can send us off-track if we don’t use the right diagnostics.


“Sales Team Competency Analysis
Our sales team competency analysis is delivered to evaluate the selling competencies of an internal team. This includes evaluations for salespeople, sales management and sales leadership. The client receives evaluation documents and coaching dashboards on each individual, including a team analysis document.
Doqaru presents back the findings via a companion document to senior management and provides recommendations based on the data-driven insights.”

“Sales Team Enablement
A candidate assessment is used to support the recruitment process of a salesperson, sales manager or sales leader. The licence allows the client to rely on competency data instead of CVs/screening interviews. A Recommended candidate comes with a 92% predictive validation on performance and a 6-month guarantee. Doqaru supports the process by building the role specification with the client and reviewing the candidate analyser.”

“Aligned Sales & Marketing Strategy
The sales & marketing strategy workshops are for clients looking to build a documented strategy or looking to review and renew an existing strategy. All strategy sessions can be delivered virtually or in-person per the client’s request.
The sales strategy workshop outcome will include the strategy and recommendations for implementation.
The marketing strategy workshops come in 2 options: cusomtised and training. To find out more, get in touch.”

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