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PMG is a revenue transformation company supporting B2B companies to achieve scalable growth.
Partnering with market leaders such as Salesloft, 6sense , Drift etc’ and by using our RevenuOS methodology, we enable companies to leverage their strategy, processes and tools required to achieve scale.

PMG leverages its team’s expertise, efficient procedures, comprehensive services, valuable data, and advanced marketing and sales technology tools to seamlessly merge and enhance the client organization’s marketing and sales efforts.
With a holistic approach, focusing on the entire flow, from start to finish, to optimize conversion and revenue.



An operating system for scaling revenue organizations. PMG’s own methodology combines strategy, processes and the tools required to achieve scalable growth. With a primary focus on scalable account-based programs, sales engagement and buyer experience orchestration, RevenueOS equips organizations with everything needed to achieve growth at scale.

Sales Stack Service

PMG specializes in the onboarding and adoption of multiple sales tools such as 6sense, Salesloft, Outreach. It is critical to select the most suitable technology for your specific requirements, and as a trusted partner of the above as well as Drift and Vidyard, we ensure that you have access to the most effective solutions that cater to your unique needs, empowering you to achieve maximum success.

Demand Generation

We specialize in creating and customizing multi-platform strategies that effectively engage and capture leads throughout the digital marketing strategy. Focusing on funnel design, mapping out every step and identifying areas for improvement to convert prospects into customers. Our outbound marketing approach combines email and PPC campaigns to enhance your inbound efforts and reach prospects across various platforms. Through measurement and optimization, we continuously refine your marketing efforts to maximize return on investment.

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