Building Revenue Operations Infrastructure with Michael Boardman, Director of Revenue Operations at Castellan Solutions

Michael Boardman, Director of Revenue Operations at Castellan Solutions, joins us in the next episode of The Revenue Insights podcast to discuss the role of RevOps in setting up an efficient infrastructure for scaling and achieving the business goals.

The journey to sales operations

Michael started his sales operations journey with a development program at the EMC company, where he learned the sales ops basics. After several years working in SaaS businesses as an analyst, he switched to sales ops. Michael then got into consulting at Castellan Solutions, where he currently serves as the Director of Revenue Operations.

It all starts with data

RevOps leaders strategically integrate sales, marketing, customer support, and finance. And everything in RevOps starts with data and how many data points have been created. Accurate data is the premise for driving revenue and improving the sales process.

Motivating the RevOps team members

Firstly, you need to get the trust of team members. And the most impactful way to do that is by getting some quick wins that will bring specific value to different teams and help them solve their issues. One important quick win Michael had was integrating a company Castellan had acquired and combining the business processes of both organizations. So, identify something easy you can do that will have an immediate and positive impact.

Measuring the data and forecasting

Building RevOps infrastructure starts with collecting the data you need to measure and forecasting ahead when adopting systems, tools, and processes. Meanwhile, move towards the forecast as fast as possible because that will tell you where to go next.

What should RevOps consider when forecasting?

When collecting the data, start small. Gather five to ten metrics that you care about and then measure. Some metrics might include customers’ average deal size, sales cycle, and pipeline value.

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