Incentivize sales to update the CRM by showing them the ROI with Christopher Kingman, Global Head of Digital Sales Enablement at TransUnion

Chris began his career at TransUnion in the membership function and within a few weeks started building out customer training. The term sales enablement did not exist back then and within a few years Chris had a team of 12 people overseeing sales training, development, technology and operations. From there, Chris moved to the international arm of TransUnion where he went from supporting a 100 million dollar business to supporting 7 regions and 33 countries. 

Show Notes:

00:40 – 3:30 – Chris’ story at Transunion

03:55 – 05:45 – How the sales team space has evolved in the past 10 years

06:27 – 11:22 – How to build relationships between operations, enablement, and sales teams

11:38 – 12:50 – Breaking down silos between go-to-market teams

13:13 – 16:10 – How to turn data into insights that empower sales teams

16:25 – 18:41 – The process for identifying what data you need, and how to use the insights from it

19:17 – 22:51 – How to simplify your CRM so sellers want to use it 

23:32 – 26:11- How to build a CRM sales reps want to use

26:55 – 30:02 – How Transunion are training and retaining sales reps

30:10 – 33:34 – Why digital selling is both an opportunity and a challenge

33:50 – 35:10 – Why digital selling and in-person selling will continue to live side-by-side

35:30 – 38:38 – Chris’ book recommendations – Cal Newport’s Be so good they can’t ignore you and Jonah Berger’s Invisible Influence

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