How to Scale a Category-creating SaaS Organization with Carl Carell, Co-founder and Chief Revenue Officer at GetAccept

Carl is a Co-founder and currently the Chief Revenue Officer at GetAccept. Carl has a wealth of knowledge and experience after being in the SaaS space for more than seven years. Additionally, he is an entrepreneur with a passion for finding new ways to develop the ever-changing sales landscape.

Time stamps:

00:39 – 06:12 – Carl’s Story

06:59 – 10:40- When to transition from founder-led sales into a predictable revenue model.

11:26 – 14:54 – Tools, technology, and processes are the foundation of a SaaS revenue engine.

15:10 – 18:16 – Why accurate data is critical for every GTM team.

19:38 – 24:47 – How GetAccept uses category-creation as a core part of their go-to-market strategy.

25:27 – 28:05 – Ops and Enablement – how both functions work together at GetAccept 

28:43 – 31:24 – Enabling reps using data and insight

31:41 – 34:58 – How to work with reps to improve – rather than telling them what to do.

34:59 – 38:22 – How to solve problems as a go-to-market team

39:24 – 42:09 – Why hiring the wrong people hurts more than anything else

42:24 – 43:55 – Carl’s book recommendation- Category Creation: How to Build a Brand That Customers, Employees, and Investors Will Love by Anthony Kennada

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