From Sales to Revenue to Business Operations with Nicole Bradshaw, Sr. Director of Business Operations at Parsable

This week, Nicole Bradshaw, Senior Director of Business Operations at Parsable, joins us in the Sales Ops Demystified Podcast. Nicole shares the art of analyzing sales and market trends for growth and strategic business decisions. 

In conclusion, Nicole reveals the key attributes to train your teams for performance growth. 

Learning from experience

After graduating from the Georgia Institute of Technology, Nicole started her career as an intelligence analyst for the New Jersey office of Homeland Security. Nicole learned to find patterns through data analysis and create strategic plans during her experience as an intelligence analyst.

After serving the federal government for five years, Nicole switched from intelligence analysis to working for Pardot in their Customer Success Team. This was when Nicole got exposed to the versatile industry of sales, revenue, and business operations. 

With a well-rounded 8+ years of experience in sales operations, revenue, and strategy creation, Nicole has served in the Sales Strategy and Business Operations team at Box, was appointed to the position of Director of Revenue Strategy and Operations at Campaign Monitor, and still works as an independent revenue operations consultant. Nicole is the current Senior Director of Business Operations at Parsable. 

An insight into work dynamics at Parsable

At Parsable, Nicole stays in close contact with the marketing operations lead, who is responsible for systemizing the processes across the marketing functions. She also regularly communicates with data analysts, who provide insights into product performance. 

Nicole plans to expand her team with campaign managers who can create forward business strategies based on the latest market trends. This will help ongoing campaigns to ensure accountability for the budgets spent. 

Train your teams on transferable skill sets 

Your team is the foundation of sales growth. Train your teams to make effective business decisions by observing market patterns and data analysis.

Nicole trains her teams on essentials for key business deliverables like accountability, data analysis, interaction with stakeholders, resources, and technology management.

Customer journey mapping; a key to success 

At Pardot, Nicole and her team of three people implemented customer journey mapping, which they used to understand customers’ movement and how the customers’ journey patterns can help them create a successful strategy and bring growth for the company. Nicole shares that the mapping helped them understand how customers think, which helped them make more effective business decisions.

Nicole’s plans for 2021 

In 2021, Nicole plans to change the market positioning and persona of Parsable. She plans to divide the sales operations stakeholders into two major categories, such as sales reps and outsourcing partners, resulting in a domino effect of roles and responsibilities. 

She also hopes to implement data usage in all sales decisions and ensure her sales team is well-versed in the market and data trends. 

Who in the sales operation world would Nicole like to take out for lunch?

Anyone with a non-traditional operations background. This could be a CMO from the product world, a CCO from marketing, or a Head of Sales from finance.

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