Nimble Sales Training with Joe Booth, VP of Sales Operations & Business Development at SecureAuth

In this episode of Sales Ops Demystified, Tom Hunt is joined by Joe Booth, VP of Sales Operations & Business Development at SecureAuth Corporation. They discuss Joe’s journey into sales ops, the key to being an effective sales ops leader, and how his education in psychology helps him become more objective in his job. 

Joe’s journey into sales ops 

While working at Apttus as an Account Executive, their SVP of Sales tapped Joe to help increase their win rate against a specific competitor through strategic advisory and sales training. Joe jumped at the chance because he saw it as a fantastic opportunity to exercise his servant leadership skills and grow his career by helping others be better at their jobs.

The key to being an effective sales ops leader 

Sales managers with experience in sales bring in new managerial perspectives and empathy for sales reps. Those with a strong background in finance can coordinate information with their CFOs and speak in the financial language with the rest of the company. 

The contribution of Joe’s psychology degrees in his sales ops roles

Critical thinking and objective analysis skills he gained as a psychology student help him go beyond the sales rep’s personality and superficial charm. It helps him become a more objective, data-oriented sales ops leader. 

SecureAuth’s sales and ops team structure

SecureAuth’s sales team, comprising about 50 people, includes SDRs, account executives, technical sales team, channel account managers, and an inside sales team. Joe leads SecureAuth’s sales ops teams which includes an application engineer, a sales ops coordinator, and a sales enablement person.

Effective sales training is about being nimble 

Covid showed that a sales training program is effective only if it’s adaptable to business needs.  The need to combat zoom fatigue helped SecureAuth make important sales enablement sessions more relevant, bite-sized, and on-demand. They also identified topics to move out of calls into emails. 

Joe’s sales ops focus at SecureAuth in 2021

At SecureAuth, Joe is helping re-optimize the workflow so sales reps can manage their opportunities with ease and help drive efficiency internally and externally through automation tools.

Joe’s inspiration in life

Joe would love to take his grandpa to lunch and talk about his unique career path through college because he’s the first college graduate in a family of military personnel.

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