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Deal Qualification Guide

Do you struggle to close sales on time?

The buyer journey is more complex than ever and every organization is unique. Therefore, closing consistently on time is a growing challenge year-on-year. 

This is where a sales methodology comes in. Your methodology outlines the process every prospecting process needs to follow.

By standardizing the process, this creates a repeatable, predictable target for sales teams to focus on in order to close deals successfully.

One such example of this is MEDDPICC. To enable sales teams to have visibility on these targets, and update them in real-time, Ebsta is introducing the Deal Qualification Guide.

This enables sales teams to define what success will look like, and what they need to achieve in order to close the deal successfully.

By defining what is required early, this provides a framework for reps of what they need to achieve to close successfully. In addition, it also enables them to identify the information and collateral they will need to build meaningful relationships with key decision-makers.

Ebsta’s Deal Qualification Guide follows the simple, 8 step process from popular sales methodologies to identify the following:

  • Metrics
  • Economic Buyer
  • Decision Criteria
  • Decision Process
  • Paper Process
  • Implicate the Pain
  • Champion
  • Competitor 

Sales methodologies have been proven to deliver the following benefits: 

  • Shorter sales cycle
  • Improved win rates
  • Clearly defined prospecting process

This release will enable sales teams to adopt this methodology while doing their pipeline review. It is a vital step to include in your pipeline review to clearly identify the key factors which determine success. Managers and reps now have an understanding of what they need to achieve to close the deal, helping to ensure reviews are focused on the key priorities.  

For example, teams can identify the factors that will drive deal success at the beginning of the quarter. Then in subsequent reviews, they are able to track progress against this criteria, such as have they built relationships with the economic buyers, is the champion well engaged, are they meeting the decision criteria and so on.

This is a huge step forwards towards enabling sales teams to review their pipeline and identify clear next steps on how to drive a deal forward. Ebsta now enables teams to identify the economic buyers, champions, decision criteria, process etc within the platform whilst teams are reviewing their pipeline. Then, it’s simply a case of updating the next step, with all the information then being synced automatically into your CRM.

The Ebsta Deal Qualification Guide is available for customers with the following subscription today;

  • Professional 
  • Ultimate

To begin qualifying your prospects and potential buyers (if you are not already using Ebsta) then get connected today.

Speak with our experts and see how Ebsta will help improve your sales

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