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Connect Salesforce with Ebsta for the only way to achieve predictable revenue growth

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Grow revenue predictably on HubSpot by integrating Ebsta

Integrate your CRM to drive predictable revenue growth with Revenue Intelligence

Expand the capabilities of your CRM system by integrating with Ebsta’s Revenue Intelligence Platform. Making it easy to analyze your sales data, accurately forecast, and amplify your sales performance.

Simple 30-second connection and set-up

Our native integrations make it quick and easy to connect your sales CRM so you can start getting insight right away.

All your data front and center

Complete overview of all your sales data so you have a complete understanding of the status of your sales pipeline.

Advanced security to keep your data safe

Protect your sales data with our enterprise-grade security, governance and compliance systems.

Forecasting - Insights

Put performance first

Today’s sales teams rely on sales productivity and communication suites through out the sales process. Our integrations make it simple and easy for your sales reps and managers to get a complete understanding of what is happening and where, with automatic updates and insights, so your people get more work done.

Align your sales process

Schedule as many messages as you want right within your mailbox. You’ll be much more efficient when you can schedule your sends in the same place you’re drafting your emails. Effortlessly schedule meetings without going back-and-forth by making your calendar available to customers in real-time.

Pipeline - Understand V2
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