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Leverage your internal relationships to close more business.

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Map and score relationships across your organization

Ebsta tracks relationships across your organization - like building an "internal LinkedIn" - so you're able to understand who knows who. With better visibility into relationships, sales teams can develop more effective account-based selling strategies and maintain high engagement with stakeholders from key accounts.

Relationships - Understand

Understand how strong relationships are based on analysis of engagement

Ebsta analyzes emails, meetings and calls in real-time to score engagement. By understanding engagement, sales teams can improve relationships throughout the customer lifecycle, leading to increased pipeline, faster sales cycle and improve account retention.

Track engagement trends between employees and customers

Easily track how rep engagement levels are trending with individual accounts to help to develop data-driven Account-Based Selling strategies by increasing the number of relationships and level of engagement with each account.

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Relationships - Depth

Understand the depth of relationships against every account

Ebsta improves account-based marketing and sales efforts by tracking the total number of relationships at every account. With better visibility, teams can focus on building more relationships with key stakeholders.

Get a 360° degree view into each relationship and activity

With visibility into every relationship and the level of engagement, marketing, sales and customer success teams can collaborate more effectively and deliver better, more personal customer experiences.

Relationships - 360

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