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Help your sales team close more deals with data-driven insights.

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Optimize performance with real-time KPI tracking

Ebsta automatically captures sales KPIs - including win rates, sales cycles, deal values and relationship engagement - to help sales leaders identify specific areas to coach and improve rep performance.

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Make better decisions faster with actionable insights

Ebsta helps identify risk and prioritize engagement with the most important relationships, whether it's the warmest leads, stakeholders in sales processes or advocates at key accounts.

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Benchmark historical performance for improved coaching

Ebsta analyzes previously closed won pipeline to develop individual benchmarks for your sales team. With a better understanding of what is required to close deals, sales teams are able to focus on building relationships, increasing engagement and moving through the sales process faster.

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Improve rep productivity levels

Ebsta provides complete visibility into your sales team's productivity levels by automatically capturing emails, meetings and calls. With real-time trend analysis, you can monitor activity levels over time, compare performance between different reps and identify areas to improve productivity levels.

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