Sell Smarter With Relationship Insights

Discover every customer, every relationship, every activity
and the latest contact information in Salesforce.

Relationship insights

360° customer view

Ebsta syncs every email, call and calendar event to capture a full, 360° view of your customer in Salesforce.

Spend more time building better relationships with an understanding of who is engaging with whom, about what and when against every Lead, Contact, Account, Opportunity or Custom Object.

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360 degree view
Company Network
Company network

Building the right relationships with the right information

Ebsta uncovers your true network of prospect and customer relationships. 

Create deeper connections with the right contacts and leverage historic interactions for warmer conversations.

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Engagement scoring

Measure engagement to identify risk and improve forecasting

Every email, meeting and call is analyzed to measure engagement with every Lead, Contact, Account, Opportunity or Custom Object in Salesforce.

A real-time Score out of 100 provides a powerful metric to ensure Reps are spending time on the hottest Leads, best Opportunities and Key Accounts.

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engagement score
Data Quality
Data quality

Ebsta tracks email signatures every day to automatically enrich Salesforce with the most up-to-date contact information.

Discover missing contact and lead records, update out-of-date phone numbers and job titles, and get alerted when someone is out-of-the-office or has recently left the business.

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Account based selling & account based marketing

Collaborate on sales and customer accounts

Automatically discover every relationship within each customer account.

Reps can leverage the strongest relationships for introductions and build on previous communications with a 360° view of all activity.

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Account based selling
Activity Metrics
Activity metrics

Boost the performance of every team member

Ebsta automatically captures Rep activity levels and their engagement with leads, contacts, accounts and opportunities in Salesforce to help management identify areas for improvement and coach activities that drive revenue.

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