Improve sales reporting & forecasting in Salesforce

Move with velocity and turn the information in Salesforce into actionable insights that impact revenue today.


Every sales process is unique and every business can accelerate the steps to revenue with a better understanding of their past.

By crunching every closed-won and lost opportunity, Ebsta opens a unique blueprint for increasing revenue.

Gain a 360° view of how engaged your customers are and identify the right activity, time and relationships to win more opportunities, faster.


Your next move to revenue

Delayed insights cost businesses. Ebsta identifies the relationships and opportunities that are unlikely to materialize so that reps can focus on the ones that will.

Ebsta indicates how engaged you are with each customer and empowers reps to stay ahead of the leads that are cooling, opportunities at risk and key accounts being neglected.

Uncover the network of relationships you hold outside of Salesforce and the information that will move the right relationships forward to revenue.

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Decisions with evidence

Your reports will say what the data tells them. Ebsta brings a constant source of truth by seamlessly integrating with your inbox and enriching Salesforce.

Automatically capture and organize the missing information, activity and decision-makers that your reps fail to record.

Every email, meeting and call with a customer provides an insight into delivering a better sales experience. We make sure that insight makes its way into Salesforce where your teams can use it.

Improve your data quality

Insights where you work

Becoming a data-driven business means folding reporting analytics into the heart of your sales operation at every seam.

Ebsta provides a live indicator of how engaged you are with every customer as you move throughout Salesforce.

It also adds a deeper degree of context to every dashboard by overlaying the Ebsta Engagement Score on every report.

Score customer engagement

One team moving to revenue

Every individual across your business needs the same understanding and insights into a customer to run as one.

Ebsta is the street light that keeps your business on that path by populating, organizing and visibly showing the breakdown of engagement at every stage of the customer lifecycle.

It identifies who holds the strongest relationship with a customer, the stakeholders you should be engaging with and the activity that isn’t happening that will move revenue forward.

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What our customers say

Don’t just take our word for it

Impact your revenue with Ebsta

Map every business relationship and score your engagement with them.

Predict the deals unlikely to close, the relationships that need attention and add a new level of forecasting to your sales operations.

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