2023 B2B Sales Benchmarks

5 factors drive more revenue, better win rates and shorter sales cycles Through analysis of $100bn of sales pipeline, see how high-performers consistently beat quota Get the Guide Trusted by 750+ Customers, including: Understand how high-performers close more deals than their competition How many relationships should you engage? How much activity is required? Who are the right personas to engage? How do you prevent deals slipping? Which deal qualification is best? Get the 2023 B2B Benchmarks Report.

Annual Sales Planning Checklist

Every step to include in your annual sales plan to grow revenue Follow the four-step guide to create an annual sales plan that will execute on your revenue goals. Get the Guide Trusted by 750+ Customers, including: Create an annual sales plan that outlines your team’s path to growth Identify your market Analyze past performance Spot opportunities for growth Finalize plan to execute Build an annual sales plan teams believe in. Get the checklist here.

Implement MEDDPICC

Every question you should be asking to qualify opportunities in your pipeline reviews. Identify what you need to succeed and smash your pipeline targets. Get the Guide Trusted by 750+ Customers, including: Standardize your pipeline reviews to create predictability today. Drive consistency Increase pipeline visibility Gain confidence in your decisions Shorten your sales cycles Improve your win rates Perfect your pipeline review process. Get the step by step guide here.

7 Secrets to Successful Pipeline Health

Discover how to successfully manage your pipeline health in  7 easy steps