How to Maximise Revenue at Every Funnel Stage with Ebsta Score

At Ebsta, we believe in the Power of Relationships, and the need to understand client engagement.

We do this through accurate insights to create deeper and more meaningful connections with the right contacts at the right time.

Like all companies, accurate forecasting, sales and client retention rates are key to increasing sales and achieving a net negative churn. Which is why we are hosting a webinar all about Ebsta Score !

This unique tool will help you to measure engagement with every lead, contact, account or opportunity in Salesforce. The Ebsta Score was built to empower management to proactively identify cold relationships and leverage interactions with warmer conversations.

Here’s what you’ll learn in the webinar:

  • How to create a benchmark Ebsta Score tailored to your business
  • How to use Ebsta Score to ensure your hottest leads are getting the most attention
  • How Ebsta Score can improve your forecasting
  • How Ebsta Score can help you manage hundreds of accounts

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