Using Ebsta Team to build better relationships in Salesforce

Wayne Gladman, Ebsta’s Customer Success Manager, EMEA, will be walking you through the best practices for getting started with Ebsta Team.

Ebsta integrates mailboxes, calendars and Salesforce to automatically uncover contacts across your whole organisation and build an intelligent, dynamic network of relationships with a 360° view of your customer.

Here’s what will be included in this webinar:

  • Live training & Q+A
  • A quick-start guide to getting started with Ebsta Team
  • How to build a 360° view of your customer relationship by automatically capturing every email and meeting
  • How to enrich Salesforce with missing contacts
  • How to get notified when someone leaves the business or is out-of-office
  • How to leverage relationships across your whole business to collaborate more effectively on prospects and customers
  • How to monitor relationships in real-time to prompt engagement and identify relationships that need attention
  • How to improve forecasting by identifying opportunities at risk due to a lack of engagement quicker
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