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improvement in win rates versus 2020


less time to close opps successfully versus 2020


better win rates with 4-6 relationships (vs 1-3)


less time to close highly engaged opps versus well engaged


improved win rates with great engagement versus good


less time to close opps with 7-9 relationships vs 2020

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With new product releases, we spend as much time training our internal sales teams on how to bring the offering to market as we do for our customers and partners.

Kathy Chou,
Senior Vice President
SaaS Engineering, Nutanix

The ideal rep experience is based on whether they are willing to spend money out of their own pocket for the experience they have at their company. We need to raise the standard for the experience with technology reps are having.

Dana Therrien,
Vice President, Chief
Revenue Officer
Practice, Anaplan

The sales metric that gives me the most value is sales velocity. it gives me the ability to compare our numbers to everybody else and see what is happening.

Michaela Downs,
Head of Global Sales Ops,