4 Leadership Tactics To Improve Sales Performance

What is the biggest challenge as a Sales leader? Getting your sales team to improve their performance? Getting them to use the CRM? Their time management? Their alcoholism?

All winning teams require a leader that is capable of motivating a sales team to get them flying off to new heights, but do you have what it takes to be a modern-day sales leader?

So what are the 4 leadership tactics that you should be using to improve your teams’ sales performance?

1. Freedom to influence

Sales Reps like to make an impact – give them the chance to influence decisions and they will feel like they’re making an even greater impact than simply hitting target.

At Ebsta, we have a flat management structure so that everyone has the ability to get involved in the discussion and share their ideas. Sales, in particular, enjoy doing this so much that they end up performing 70% better. Why hasn’t a prospect bought? Because of X, Y and Z. Can we build that into our product? These are all discussions we can have after Sales Reps have been giving the freedom to influence.

“When you give everyone a voice and give people power, the system usually ends up in a really good place” – Mark Zuckerberg

2. Don’t micro-manage

The biggest mistake you can make as a Sales Manager is to micro-manage your Reps. You have to manage tactfully.

Managing from a distance doesn’t mean you’re giving them free reign. In fact, it shows you trust them to use their own initiative which pushes them to prove you right. They will go out of their way to prove to you that they don’t need you constantly looking over their shoulder and passing judgement on what they do.

“It doesn’t make sense to hire smart people and then tell them what to do; we hire smart people so they can tell us what to do” – Steve Jobs

3. Career progression

This isn’t only Sales Reps, no one wants to be in a dead end job, giving them training structure will give them the ammunition to work towards their goals. You want your Reps to aspire to greater heights and to push themselves to get there but they’ll only do this if they feel supported.

The best way to do this is to ensure they’re always learning. From you by example, from each other, and because you support them with training. The more your Reps improve themselves, the more advanced they’ll be at selling.

“Leaders need to provide strategy and direction and to give employees tools that enable them to gather information and insight from around the world. Leaders shouldn’t try to make every decision” – Bill Gates

4. Open forum communication

The last thing you want your Sales Reps to be doing is sat in silence, not knowing how to do something. Make sure your Sales Reps feel comfortable enough to ask the questions that are bugging them and ask for help when they need.

Set aside some time at the end of every week to identify what went well and what didn’t. Ask them to write down any questions that they don’t know the answer to that arise during the week and then have an open forum where the team can help out each other. Collaboration is the key to success.

Being a great leader means helping your Sales Reps become the best version of themselves. How can you do that? Well surrounding yourself with other Sales leaders and equipping yourself with tools that will make your, and their, lives easier.

  • Sales confidence is a network of B2B SaaS Founders, Sales Leaders, VCs and sales professionals all seeking to learn from each other.
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